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September 30, 2020 1 min read

Rogers Ignite Internet — Your mission, Should you choose to accept it...

Rogers is currently providing a "self-setup" package for their Ignite Internet, but we know self setup isn't for everyone.  A Rogers technician comes to your house, gives you the kit, and then waits outside to guide you over the phone while you do all the hands-on work — and some people are totally fine with that.  However, if the notion of self-setup makes you think of an action movie scenario where you've been put on-the-spot and asked to disarm a warhead while someone talks you through it... well, you're not alone.

When self-setup seems too far outside of your comfort zone, we can dispatch one of our technicians so that you have a "man on the inside" to take care of all the technical stuff.  While wearing a mask and gloves, they'll do all the hands-on stuff quickly and efficiently so that you don't have to.

Call us today to book your very own "Signa Secret Agent"...  He may not save the world, but he'll take care of your impossible mission.



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