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January 21, 2020 2 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Refurbished PC's

You know it's supposed to mean more bang for your budget, but for some, the term "refurbished" stirs up more questions than confidence: "Am I buying someone's hand-me-down computer with a few new parts replaced?"  "Will the software on my refurbished desktop be out-of-date?" 🤔

Fortunately, these and other common questions about refurbished and used products are easily answered, allowing you to make the smartest buy for your technology needs. In this short article, we'll discuss what refurbished products really are, where they come from, how to buy them, and why refurbished is sometimes the best choice.

❓SO... what is "refurbished"?

At Signa, refurbished are products that have been returned to or left with Signa for a variety of reasons and then put through a rigorous refurbishment process.

What is Signa’s refurbishment process?

Products that are refurbished by Signa are restored to at least their original condition and sometimes even better performance. Each unit is fully tested, any broken or defective parts identified in testing are replaced and unit is tested again. Units are then cleaned, re-packaged and assigned to new refurbished part number.

Signa technicians will validate the Operating System and firmware, and re-image PCs to the latest factory updates when re-imaging a refurbished system. Signa’s refurbishment procedures follow the same basic guidelines as our testing procedures for new products.

What is Signa’s warranty on refurbished PCs?

We cover most refurbished and used PCs for a period of 90 days. This gives enough time to fully test the product and make sure everything is working well. More importantly, it gives you time to ensure it meets your needs. If not, we can generally upgrade it to more powerful specs, or within 30 days, trade it up to a more powerful PC.

❓But, when is refurbished better?

If your IT budget is lean, then Signa’s selection of refurbished products offer high-quality, warrantied product at a low cost. For some applications, the latest generation of technology is better suited. In other cases, a remanufactured product may be a better fit. For example:

Your applications don't require the latest performance.

If your company has standardized on a certain platform and "new" production on that platform has been discontinued.

Refurbished equipment may offer the best price/performance ratio.

Software testing may be performed just as effectively using refurbished products as with new.

If you decide you're in the market for a refurbished PC, check out our website here or call us at (416) 488-9208!

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