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January 10, 2020 2 min read

As you step out onto Yonge St, you’ll immediately notice that you’re surrounded by a diverse array of sounds, sights, and smells. Shop after shop after shop line the bustling sidewalks, teeming with busy office workers grabbing a quick lunch, dogs out for their afternoon walk, or young couples out for a romantic date. 

Our brick and mortar location has been around for almost 30 years (can you believe it?!) and in that time we’ve been lucky enough to get to know the best of the best in our amazing neighbourhood.

Whether you’re stopping by for a quick computer repair or want to take a look at our custom build PC’s, we put together a list of some of our favourite spots within walking distance of our store. Check it out!

In a hurry but need a caffeine fix?

✅ Tim’s or McCafe. 

In the mood for better coffee and an even better ambience?

✅ Starbucks, Patisserie Sebastian or of course Bobbette & Belle.

Quick and good burger? 

✅ McDonald’s or Burger’s Priest. 

Higher end burger joint? 

✅ Burger Cellar or The Abbot.

Speedy order of Louisiana chicken? 

✅ Popeyes next-door.

Best smoked ribs in the area? 

✅ Stack takes the cake!

For Italian?

✅ You can’t go wrong with Piazetta‘s right beside us. 

Maybe what you need is a sub? 

✅ In that case, Belly Buster’s is only 4 doors south of us. 


✅ Pizzaville, Pizzaiolo, and Pizza Pizza are all just a few blocks from us. 


✅ Maiz is the place for you!

Whatever you’re in the mood for our neighbourhood has just the place for you, so give some of these places a try next time you visit us for any of your computer needs!