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April 24, 2020 2 min read

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  1. I’m not sure if the lineups and taped-off areas are starting to get to you, but so far, we've prevented that sort of situation at our shop. (Hint: Small Business!)  For the pickup or drop off of your computer, you can book an appointment with Chen@signa.com. If it’s a diagnosis for a repair, we’ll need payment to sales@signa.com, and then we’ll book you in. Chen will confirm the amount with you. It's all carefully managed for your safety, so you won't be near any other customers, and certainly not in a line-up!
  2. We’re now solving more problems remotely than we could have imagined. No one can argue we’re in strange times, but remote-desktop sessions (which temporarily allow a technician to check settings and make adjustments remotely) have proven to be a very speedy way to fix problems! Alternately, we can send our tech to your location — fully sanitized and wearing a mask and gloves — so they can help you the traditional way. Please email help@signa.com with your request and we’ll book you in.
  3. Refer your church, synagogue, or mosque to us! We can help you get online with video cameras and streaming to reach your followers virtually. We're currently helping lots of people connect while remaining totally isolated, and that includes quite a few religious organizations recently too, not just businesses.

Please note: We provide complete solutions, WE DO NOT SELL WEBCAMS SEPARATELY, but we do have new packages that include them, and a nice selection of laptops that have cameras and microphones built-in. Replace your aging computer, and get a zoom video camera as part of the deal.

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