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October 05, 2020 1 min read

❗❗LAPTOP OF THE WEEK: The HP ZBook Mobile Workstation❗❗


Signa's Laptop of the Week! We would love to proudly present one of HP's top tier laptops- The ZBook Workstation

What's great about this high performance laptop?

- Solid, versatile looking laptop that's nice and light and easy to bring around

- Amazing battery life 

- Affordable for it's 'Macbook-like' quality

- Windows Compatibly

- Upgradeable to 2TB SSD and 32GB of memory 

... and more!


We primarily sell the 14 and 15" Zbooks here at Signa. They're the thinnest, lightest laptops HP offers, made mostly from solid machined metal, like Apple's Macbook Pro line.They are built in a very modular way, and are very easy to work on. Definitely would recommend this easy-to-use beauty to anyone in school, professionals that require it for work or even enjoying a little downtime watching Netflix.


For more info, check them out here:



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