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May 11, 2020 1 min read

The warmer weather is definitely coming, and rising outdoor temperatures mean that your computers and laptops are running a lot warmer too.  Maybe too warm.

While fans and heat-sinks work well when a unit is new, over time they tend to work less well.  The reason?  The first major problem is simple house-dust... tiny particles of airborne dirt, lint, and even pet-hair all draw into the air intakes, coating the fans and air-ducts until it slows-down the airflow (often unbalancing fans and making them buzz.) Dust can also create an insulating blanket over the heat sink which is supposed to quickly radiate heat into the air, trapping heat in the very thing that's supposed to help disperse it.  A secondary problem is simple wear-and-tear, as some cooling fans wear-out over time.

Signa can help solve over-heating problems with your desktops and laptops.  We can clean your cooling system so that it's working at peak efficiency again, replace any ailing fans, and can even replace the old-style thermal paste between your CPU and heat-sink with new liquid-metal paste that increases the effectiveness of the heat-sink.  One quick service-check, and we'll have it all back as good as new.

So bring on the warm weather, we're ready to keep you cool!

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