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April 29, 2019 1 min read

Who doesn't like getting something for less money?  Did you know that in some cases, Intel's i7-8700 is actually a better choice over the newer, more expensive i7-9700K?  Crazy, I know, as you'd think that newer model numbers would always be better, but in this case, maybe the previous generation is enough.

At many customer’s requests, we often swap out the i7-9700K for the i7-8700.  Why is this? 

The short of it is :

  • The 8700 has hyperthreading, while the 9700K doesn't.  Hyperthreading is important as it allows a single physical core to function as if it were two virtual cores.  The 9700K has 8 cores, but with no hyperthreading it only has 8 threads... by comparison, the 8700 may only have 6 physical cores, but WITH hyperthreading, it has an advantage with 12 threads.
  • The 8700 comes with an excellent Intel cooler that will probably last you a lifetime, while the 9700K doesn't.
  • The final kicker is that, with all the added value and performance, the 8700 still shaves a whopping $150 off the cost of your new PC. 

So, there you have it.  While higher model numbers almost always come with a higher price, you can't automatically assume that the higher model number also indicates better value for your money.