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February 18, 2020 2 min read

Family Day’s Over… Now What?

Family Day allows us to be together, celebrate one another, and embrace all that is good about those who enrich our lives and allow us to feel connected.

And family doesn’t just mean those related by blood! Your family is made up of those people whom you hold closest to your heart, those who have made the most positive impact in your life.

Now that Family Day is over, the question remains: what now? How can you show your family you care about them, not just on this annual holiday, but everyday?

Here are 3 ways to show your family you appreciate them, because it’s not the infrequent big things you do but the frequent daily little things that mean the most in the end…

  1. If you appreciate someone’s time, the faith they put in you, the fact that they want to spend their time with you, one of the essential ways to show it is to be reliable. Show up on time. Do what you say you’re going to do. When you’re a flake, it’s easy to feel unappreciated and taken for granted. 
  2. Be helpful! Handle one of the chores your family member dislikes, or make them/bring them coffee. It’s less about what you do to show your appreciation and more about the effort you put forth.
  3. Verbalize it - one mistake we often make is not letting other people know how much we appreciate them. Not only can you benefit others but your positive aura can also benefit you too! So if you have an urge to say something nice and acknowledge the hard work of a family member, let it out no matter how small or random you think it may be.

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