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November 25, 2019 1 min read

Can you feel the electricity in the City? Have you seen it? Take a closer look...!

Contrary to the gloomy evening news, a good look around the GTA will show you a city full of people who are already taking the initiative to change our world for the better.  Signa is an IT company that believes in clean energy, clear air, and a green planet.  Like many of our fellow Torontonians, we're already using e-bikes, electric cars, and electric scooters to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gasses.  (Although we're not quite brave enough to try one of those electric skateboards yet.  Maybe NEXT summer...) ;D  Joking aside though, cleaner air is better for us all, and we see more and more people who are getting "on board" with cleaner modes of transportation.

Every person who embraces change helps redefine "the norm"... collectively we inspire others to do the same, and that makes Earth a better place for us all to live.  Electric transportation is just one part of the equation too, so let's all share our experiences... Join the conversation, Tweet, Post, or just reply to this e-mail to tell your story!  Let us know what you're doing to help the environment and make the GTA a cleaner, greener place for us all.

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