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December 11, 2019 1 min read

Prebuilt Custom computers built for Maxon’s Redshift GPU based rendering

Redshift is a popular rendering software used by thousands of professional studios worldwide including Blizzard and Polygon Pictures.

Redshift is a fully GPU-based rendering engine. What does that mean? A lot of common rendering softwares rely on CPU cores to render. However, Redshift relies completely on the power of your video cards to render.

SLI mode can slow down Redshift render times. Rather than using 1 video card to render, we recommend using two or more because Redshift render times scale nicely with more cards.

Because of the cost, the size and weight of the custom PC, the heat it generates and the noise levels, we’ve found a perfect balance between video card performance and budget that will keep your PC cool while rendering quickly using the Redshift render software.

Check out our custom prebuilt computers built for redshift rendering:

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