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October 29, 2019 2 min read

We live in an instant society⏱ we want it now!

Admit it. We live in a high-stress, rush-here/rush-there instant society where we wish everything was a drive-through.  Whether it's the doctor’s office, a phone repair, or groceries... we just want it NOW, over and done with, gone in 60 seconds!

People often drop in out-of-the-blue hoping we can look at their computer problem while they wait. As a small business we’re pretty flexible, and while we can't do actual on-the-spot fixes, for dire emergencies and time-critical stuff, we do offer something close...

Apple's service works like this... make an appointment, talk to a tech, get an estimate in a day or two, approve the estimate and usually get your repair in another day or three.  Our regular service works like this: drop by with your device and for a diagnostic fee of $75 (strange lockups etc. are $150) we'll call you within three business days with an estimate, then affect the repair in a day or three... so we're pretty similar in that respect.  However, when your deadlines loom or that presentation just can't wait, we also offer two tiers of rush service...  the $150 rush fee gets your job done for the next business day, and our $350 super-rush fee assigns a tech to it right away... while you go have lunch, your device is whisked away into to the electronics E.R. ;)  Oh, and our "doctors" even do housecalls... so if you can't go out, we'll send a tech right to your home to fix the problem.

We’re the last brick and mortar computer shop left standing in the Yonge and Lawrence area... we've been going that extra mile for YOU for the last 26 years, and we just keep offering you more.  We may not have actual instant service, but we do our best to provide something very close.


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