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November 23, 2019 1 min read

Do you use Cinema 4D to design? Do you need a computer that will run it smoothly?
Cinema 4D is a powerful 3d design and rendering software program created by the German company, Maxon. Professionals use this software to create 3D design, architectural imagery, visual fx, motion graphics, game assets, technical visualizations and more.
People have asked us, "Do I need a certain type of computer to use Cinema 4d" And the answer, if you want to be productive, is yes.
Cinema 4D uses a CPU-based rendering engine and requires multiple cores to run smoothly and quickly. 
Cinema 4D CPU comparison shows that the more cores you have, the more you can do with the program. it scales almost perfectly with more cores. So essentially, configurations that use more cores or multiple CPU's are going to be more effective while rendering in Cinema 4d. You're also going to need a lot of memory to compensate for resolution, how much depends on the types of scenes that are being rendered. 
If you want to use a GPU rendering, we recommend using Octane which we will touch on in a future update. 
Here, you can find our configurations built for Cinema 4d:
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