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November 13, 2020 1 min read




It’s vital when people search for your business that you come up with reasonable positioning as compared with your competition. For example if you’re a men’s clothing shop, ideally when people search “Men’s clothing near me” you’ll come up on the map and have good positioning within the first few pages of Google. If you’ve never done any work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) chances are you won’t place well.


You could place Pay Per Click ads to land your business at the top of page one, but that could cost you anywhere from 0.50 to $50 PER CLICK, and that can get expensive.⠀

Thankfully there's a more cost effective way to be found on Google, and that's through SEO work. We focus on providing affordable packages that improve your positioning while working within your budget.

For more information on improving your Google (and Bing) positioning with respect to your competition, please ⠀
email us at We’ll email you a questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit for this type of help.




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