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February 16, 2020 2 min read

Bet You Didn’t Know This About Your iPhone

It may seem that iPhones have been out for forever and a day… but can we all really say we know everything about them?

New updates take place all the time, and with them come a bunch of really cool (and sometimes annoying) new features.

We’ve decided to put together a small list of tips and tricks we bet you didn’t know about of all the “really cool” features. Let’s check it out!

  • Attempting to tap the exact spot when you want to delete a singular letter in 10 lines of text over and over again is probably one of the most annoying things iPhone owners have to deal with. We’ve got the solution! Just tap and hold the spacebar down and you can move the cursor anywhere on your text screen.
  • Pressing the home button every time you want to wake up your phone is fine… until the button starts getting stuck and loses its “clicky-ness”. Try this → all you have to do is double tap on the home screen and your phone will wake up instantaneously! 
  • You might not have realized that your iPhone’s measurement app has leveling capabilities! To find it, openMeasure and tap Level on the right. You can use the level with your phone laid flat or perched on its side in either portrait or landscape mode. If you want to measure the difference between two surfaces or are dealing with a set surface that’s not perfectly horizontal or vertical, tap the screen to set the angle to zero. Then move your phone—the red area will show you how much the two angles vary. Use it to make sure your pictures are hanging correctly and your DIY is up to scratch. An iPhone may not be as precise as a dedicated bubble level, but it’s still handy.
  • For busy folks on the go, typing long texts can seem to take way more time than it should. Thankfully, Apple created an awesome new feature to make texting even easier! The allure of “swyping” (slide-to-text) is that you can, with one finger, swipe from one letter to the next without ever lifting your finger to enter a letter, word, or space. Just slide and swipe all over your keyboard until you’re done. What’s behind the scenes is your iOS’ and iPadOS’ machine learning. It recognizes the path your finger (or tool) draws, looks for patterns and frequently used words, and then converts it all to text.

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