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December 30, 2020 1 min read

'Twas two nights after Christmas when we made a delivery,
Up to Port Perry... it was cold, it was shivery.
Off in our car with Chen by my side,
We did it for fun, just to go for a ride.
Upon our arrival, we got a warm greeting,
Though socially-distant, and time there was fleeting.
With PC delivered, all smiles beneath masks,
We snapped a quick selfie, took off like a flash...
And we heard them exclaim 'ere we drove out of sight. You two are the best, this SO made our night! :)


We met a First Nations family from a beautiful reserve in Carling, ON. They are amazing, one of a kind and such happy people! Regardless of our situation that is currently taking place in the world, their gratitude made our day and was definitely the best way to kick off the year. A big shout out to the Contin Family!

Merry Christmas Guys!


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