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December 08, 2021 1 min read

Always have a Backup Plan!

See that guy in the banner?  We see people with this same expression all too often... usually just after a PC or laptop dies on them, and they realize that they might have lost all of their important data.  Make sure that you're not "that guy" — get proactive and make a backup before trouble strikes!

We recommend a three-pronged approach :

  • Automatic / real-time backup on the device, so that you always have a duplicate of important files and documents from moment-to-moment.  This protects you from every-day accidents.
  • A scheduled backup to the cloud, so that your important files are safe in a completely different location, protected from at-home/in-office catastrophes like flooding or fire.
  • A scheduled backup that places your files safely onto another storage device which you have with you locally (because you might need access to your backup files in circumstances where the cloud isn't accessible.)

In short, it's best to have multiple safety-nets to protect your digital life.  Although your apps and the devices they run on are easily replaced, documents, artwork, photographs, and really anything that YOU've created... those things are irreplaceable.  Protect your data — give us a call, and get a backup plan today😊


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