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December 05, 2022 1 min read

Granny is in the living room, sipping on some eggnog and knitting a christmas stocking which she found in her knitting facebook group. But oh no. Not another problem. She lost all her stocking patterns and on top of that, Granny's eyes are getting worse and her memory just happened to slip... she can't remember her facebook password and she can't figure out how to log in to view the pattern. Maybe she's getting old... or the maybe the eggnog is stronger this year. 

At Signa, we've got elves who know how to help seniors to get out of and avoid these situations. We can increase the font size so it's easier read screens, we can recover lost passwords and we can even show Granny how to stay more organized and back things up so she will never lose another stocking pattern again.

For more information, visit signa.com/seniors

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