The next giveaway contest is starting!

Conrgatulations to Darren Kosick for winning the previous giveaway! We’re starting it up again and we’re looking for people to answer a few questions for a chance to enter our giveaway for a $50 in store gift card!
Now, anyone can click a few boxes and say we’re great (thanks!), but we’re really looking for honest, constructive criticism on how we
can improve.No need need to limit your suggestions to the scope of the questions, you can
suggest anything, like…”you guys need a new sign!”

Thanks very much for reading this, and I hope you take our survey and

Special Of The Week – Worlds Thinnest HP Laptop On Sale Beside Its Big Brother!

Down from $1499 the HP Elitebook Folio G1 at $1248 is HP’s thinnest barely thicker than a iPad and lighter than a Macbook Air this unit has the power to do it all, and is hugely upgradable to a larger drive if needed 🙂


Featured beside its big brother the HP Probook at $699 these two units will get today’s work done yesterday, as long as there is a DeLorean involved 🙂

We’re so fortunate to have such great customers!

Steve Sun of B.C. placed an order for a high end graphics PC the other day and our credit card processor Moneris couldn’t match the billing and shipping addresses. Still excited to buy off us (even after we mentioned a competitor in his home town he could try), he worked out the details and sent us a e-transfer  instead, what a great guy! This solved the address mismatch problem and saved us a few dollars in bank charges, which in turn helps offset the expensive Fedex shipping to the west coast. We’re so lucky and appreciatative of our clients like Steve, that treat us so well. From the team at Signa, thanks so much!

Compact but Powerful CAD Design PC

Good things DO indeed come in small packages, and when it comes to computing power, these days you don’t have to settle for
a massive enclosure. This “little” machine can be configured with:

  • 64GB of DDR 3000MHz memory
  • Up to a 4TB SSD Solid State Drive
  • a DVD or Bluray if needed
  • comes standard with HDMI, Full DisplayPort
    Mini DisplayPort, DVI, and even VGA
  • an Intel i7-7700 Up to 4.2GHz Processor
  • a Quadro P600 2GB card that supports 5K video editing

As you can see, our CAD Design machines can had any which way you like them. Send us an email and we’ll make it so!