Why Upgrade?

There’s no need to buy a new computer when you can save money and upgrade.

Quicker Boot Time

Do you have to wait during startup? Dramatically improve the boot time of you’re old computer. Do more, wait less.

Faster Performance

Technology has gotten much faster. after upgrading, your computer will be quicker than when you bought it.

More Space

More programs, movies, music and files. Not only will upgraded storage give you more space, but also a faster computer.

Did you know we can make your PC or Mac up to 500% faster than the day you bought it?

As a cost-saving measure, many desktops and laptops still ship with old style hard drives (old spinning discs inside), and that’s THE slowest part of your computer… it’s a HUGE performance bottleneck that drags your whole machine down.

This becomes even worse when your computer doesn’t have enough memory for the apps you’re running – things really go downhill fast.

Upgrading RAM can work WONDERS

Some extra memory can really speed things up. Most computers currently ship with 8GB, and many of our orders leave with 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of memory… whereas your older machine have as little as 4GB or even 2GB!

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Switch your PC’s or Mac’s hard drive to a new Solid State Drive (SSD)

On average, SSD’s run about 500% faster than your old drive, and takes you the rest of the way to obtaining super-speed. We’ll move the entire contents of your old drive to your new drive, so aside from blinding speed, it’ll be just like it was before… every single byte will be right where you left it, a complete mirror-image, so to speak. Plus, switching to SSD also improves battery life on laptops, makes your machine ultra-quiet, and immune to impact-induced data loss. It truly is a win-win-win situation!

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Replace your Video Card

Did you know the technology providing the picture on your monitor is driven by the video card, and in many cases, that can be updated, too? We upgrade many desktop PCs with newer, faster, and more capable video cards giving you all the graphics horsepower of a new PC, while avoiding the sometimes day-long job of re-installing your software on a new machine.

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So why not turbo-charge your current laptop or desktop today?

For a fraction of the cost of a new machine, you can simply add super-speed to the one you’ve got!
(Plus super-quiet, super-battery-life, and super-durability…)

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