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Professional Services We Provide

Signa provides many professional services:
  • We can help you choose the right desktop, notebook, tablet, or server (PC and Mac)
  • we repair and upgrade MAC and PC computers
  • restore your PCs, Macs, & smartphones to full health by removing viruses, malware, toolbars and pop-ups, search-engine take-overs, and performing other infestation clean-ups.
  • fix cracked displays and keyboards on notebooks and smartphones
  • restore liquid-damaged smartphones and notebooks
  • fix OS issues for Windows 7/8, MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • provide software services for PC Law, QuickBooks etc.
  • perform data recovery for failed hard drives & smartphones
  • provide help desk Support for Companies Without Sufficient I.T. Staff
  • run custom cabling for computer networks / phone / TV
  • Netflix setup on all devices
  • offer both in-Home/Office and in-shop service -- same day!
  • provide rush-service -- when you're having an emergency and can't afford downtime, we're there for you!

In-Home/In-office On-Site Services

Many people just don’t have the time to bring their computers to us for service. Or it’s a matter of convenience – it’s just plain easier to have someone out to your home or office to solve a hardware or software problem.

Consider using On-Site service if any of these statements apply to you :
  • time is money, and it needs to be fixed, now!
  • if you can “buy a little convenience”, you’ll do it
  • you’re busy running your own company and don’t have a lot of time to be troubleshooting on the phone
  • your time is better spend looking after more important things
  • for health reasons, you’d prefer not carrying your computer into our store

The next step is easy! Call 416-488-9208 or email sales@signa.com and we’ll book a service call for you. Please have a credit card number ready to confirm call, and present for technician when work is complete.

Surpassing your expectations...

We realize that you need the best possible service, and SIGNA endeavours to meet your expectations every time. Our skilled personnel have over 20 years of professional experience in the computing industry, and our excellent technical staff is prepared to meet all of your computing and service needs.

Whether you are getting your personal system repaired or networking an entire company, SIGNA is prepared to complete the task quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your business.

Trust the Experts...

Computer systems and software grow more complex with each passing day. If your system isn't working properly, identifying the problem can be a major undertaking. Why not let the experts at SIGNA diagnose your problems for you? We've had years of experience fixing thousands of PCs, and the knowledge we have gained can save you hours of frustration!

So bring your PC in for an estimate, and rest easy!

PCs Built to Your Exact Specifications...

If you have a "dream machine" in mind, and you would like to make those dreams a reality, then SIGNA can certainly help you. We build custom systems on a regular basis and our expert sales team would be happy to provide a free custom quotation for you!

To receive a custom quote, please e-mail your wish list to sales@Signa.com, or give us call at 416-488-9208 and tell us personally.

Leave it to the Professionals...

Why spend precious time working on your PC? Our technicians do dozens of repairs each day, and can have your system up and running in very little time - you don't have to lift a finger! On top of that, you can rest easy knowing that industry professionals have carefully handled the installation and configuration of your hardware and drivers.

So drop off your PC and let us handle your repairs! You've got better things to do!

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