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What Our Clients and Customers are Saying...

June 9th, 2015

Great help and service. Very Friendly. Quick and easy. :)

March 17th, 2015

Hello Greg and Jack,

I just wanted to thank you for providing me with an amazing high quality computer. It's incredibly fast, quiet and the inside and outside look like a work of art. I love it in every way.

Jack did an incredible job. The inside is clutter free and all the wiring is neatly tied off, plus he left lots of space for elbow room and future components. I could not be more thrilled. He put up with me changing my mind several times and patiently answered all of my questions clearly and concisely.

Thank you again, for all your hard work and I look forward to doing business with both of you in the future.


Lesley Johnson
March 2nd, 2015

Thanks for the computer. It runs like a dream. It's a rocket!

February 26th, 2015

Hi Greg,

I am not normally a fan of change. However, I really do like your new newsletter!

Also, a couple of weeks ago I brought my sister in for some help with her smart phone. She lives in the States & wasn't sure if she had set it up properly so as not to get hit with roaming charges. I knew that either you or Jack would be able to help. Just wanted to thank Jack for his help! It was greatly appreciated.


Liisa Siimo
January 5th, 2015

My most memorable tech moment of 2014?

Having your excellent and helpful guys come and fix my ancient machinery. I am now a Signa fan.

Alice B.
December 6th, 2014

Dear Greg and Jack,

My thanks to you – and to your charming wives – for your warm hospitality today. While I couldn’t stay long, it was long enough to remind me just why I so much enjoy and am grateful for the helpful sales, service and friendship you have offered me for the past nine years.

Thank you for today, and for those nine years. May we share many more.


August 1st, 2014

Hey Jack,

Great meeting you the other day! Just got the video card transferred over yesterday and transferring over files now..

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you what an absolutely phenomenal job you guys did! The cable management alone is brilliant.. Im so entirely impressed.. Absolutely beautiful job!

Thank you!

July 6th, 2014

As a contractor I have invested in tools for many years. I have learnt by experience, both good and bad, how to choose the right tool for the job. Computers are another thing entirely. A tool yes but so complex there is no way I could make a sensible choice by myself. The answer for me was Signa. With great patience Greg listened to what I wanted to do and configured a tool that fitted my needs leaving me with plenty of room for growth in the future without me wasting a penny on things I did not need. Then his team built it for me in double quick time. Thank you guys.

June 18th, 2014

Holy cow, Greg. It just arrived. The boot up time... it's fantastic! I love this computer.

Great job, thanks for putting this together.

May 14th, 2014

Thanks for friendship and product knowledge. Your patience is much appreciated.

Ann Kedwell
May 8th, 2014

Hi guys, just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your work and recommendations re my laptops. The HP ProBook thinkpad is really, really nice and basically I like everything about it. Screen resolution is good (better than the Gateway by far) and so is the sound (ditto). And the solid state drive with the i5 chip makes it pretty fast. Having 8 G of ram doesn't hurt either!

May 7th, 2014

I must apologise for being so uncommunicative. JASON did an excellent job of transferring my data from my old Dell to my new Dell PC on 11th July 2012. The PC is running well despite my feeble computer skills.

Thank you.

J. Phipps
February 26th, 2014

The computer I purchased from you for my son last month is working very well, and he is very happy with it. The machine runs cool and quiet, and performs beautifully. We are now ready to order for a second desktop for my daughter and are looking forward to the same great experience. Thanks for the great communication and attention to detail.


December 10th, 2013

I wanted to thank both Greg and Jack for the help they gave me in selecting a new laptop. Very patient, helpful, and informative.

Im actually impressed with this store/business and would certainly reccomend it.

Gareth Thompson
December 3rd, 2013

Dear Signa

All the employees I’ve encountered at Signa have been very nice and pleasant to deal with. They have people skills, unlike many of the techs out there.

November 25th, 2013

Thanks for what you put together for me. Greg, these machines give me a competitive edge in what I do (the desktop is pretty well known by all my contacts as the ‘Watercooler’).


November 19th, 2013

Dear Greg and Jack,

I just wanted you guys to know how much I appreciated all the trouble you took to get me back my QBridge. Your attention to detail is very gratifying.

Regards and thanks.

September 3rd, 2013

Hi Greg,

I just wanted to thank you for the superior service and extra quick response time. You saved my bacon.

Dave W.
August 23rd, 2013

Wanted to let you know that all is good – and I have contacted Rogers who will be coming out today to check out my wireless signal.

Thanks to Jason for being a wonderful compassionate techie! He is FANTASTIC!

Fingers crossed, I remain,

June 24th, 2013

Hi Tyler,

The new computer works really well, is super fast and very quiet. I open and save 2GB files in about 8 seconds!

Thanks for the follow-up!


June 16th, 2013

Greg... Thanks for the extra effort... the Toshiba is awesome... could not ask for more. Would use your services again and recommend your establishment in a heartbeat.

December 9th, 2012

Hey, thanks for looking after my computer this weekend. I know you guys are busy this time of year but it really makes the difference that it was done so fast as exams are coming up this week. It’s running crazy fast and is playing games perfectly (not that I’m playing any when I should be studying) you guys really helped me out and I wanted to thank you again.

Andrew Sloan
September 9th, 2012

We recently purchased a new computer for my daughter at Signa. The service was excellent, and the focus was on finding the best fit for her needs. We will definitely use Signa again.

Rosemary Evans
April 12th, 2012

Hi Greg,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your technician’s help this morning. I turned on my notebook this morning, only to find the hard drive had failed. One quick call to Signa and a tech was dispatched immediately and a new drive was installed. That’s not the best though...Thanks to the daily backup system (MS Homeserver) that was installed, he returned my notebook to exactly as I had left it the night before. Every document, icon, and favourite was right back as I had left it, incredible! Thanks for saving my day and my documents!


March 30th, 2012

Thank you.

A computer store that actually follows up with its customers???? Unheard of!

Your technician fixed up my rather aged PC earlier this week. It's working much better now.

February 27th, 2012

Thanks again for helping me out last year when I fell victim to the telephone call from “Windows” when they gained remote access to my computer.


It’s interesting to see the many people who were affected. I guess I should have phoned the police too, but at the time I was so stunned I wasn’t thinking clearly. I still get calls about three times a week with attempts to help me “fix” my operating system. These guys are nothing if not persistent.


S Jones
October 26th, 2011

I have been using Signa for as long as I can remember and would highly recommend their knowledgeable service. They always make you feel like you are the most important client they have by greeting you by name whenever you enter the store. I have purchased my last two desktops from them and found they have reasonable prices and never try to up sell you to things that you won't need. Thanks for all the help you have given me over the years.

Kevin Drake
October 19th, 2011

I have been a customer of Signa for more than ten years, and they have always provided excellent service, very quickly, at reasonable prices. Best of all, they're always there to solve your problems and provide good advice.

I've bought systems from other, bigger vendors, but after the purchase,

I always wished I'd gone back to Signa!

Colin Braithwaite
October 18th, 2011

Hi Greg,

When I was looking for my computer, I was very impressed with the knowledge and time that you and your staff took to explain at times what seems to be silly or simple questions.

Plus the fact the I know... should I have a problem, I know I will have continuity is service.

Thanks again,

Gail Ann
August 24th, 2011

I've been dealing with Signa Computers for about ten years now, as they build my first "supermachine",in a huge 11 bay case. At the time, I had a list of specifications and hardware, produced for me by a computer-expert cousin, and Signa was my business of choice to make the list reality.

At the time, I didn't realize what a resource I had found, and how expert they would prove to be.

Since then, Signa has upgraded my original design, solved a major software glitch in which I had managed to step, and recently repaired and again upgraded the most recent computer version. Along the way, Signa has given me good advice on what to buy, and how to make it work.

As a retired electronics technologist with many years in the repair/calibration field, and with fifty-five years of amateur radio experience, it's easy for me to recognize technical excellence when I encounter it. I find I can count on Signa's advice and expertise, in a technical area where I am only a user.

Mike Goldstein
August 17th, 2011

I'm loving the new PC .... And oddly enough I am loving the upgrade to Windows 7 ... Shhh don't tell anyone I said that ... I used to be a die hard XP fan!

I heard about you via internet. You were one of the very few shops that listed 'Quotes' and when you provided a quote you actually listed model numbers with that ... Which for the most part did not happen.

I went with you guys for a couple of reasons. Your store was not dirty and packed with random things everywhere, when I walked in there was no communication barrier as a lot of the small shops had employees that I didn't understand and was not confident that they knew what I wanted or understood what I was explaining. Your store also gave me an almost instant response which made me feel that my business was important to you.

I did receive a cheaper quote somewhere else but was not comfortable that I would have gotten all new parts as I had walked into the store and it appeared there were parts scattered all about that were being 'repaired' ....

The service was above excellence at your store and I have and will continue to recommend that everyone I know or hear needs computer assistance attend your store.

On a side note .. My old computer needs a complete format and re-install of windows ... I'd like to recover my photos (I can provide an external hand drive) How much do you charge?

Thanks so much

Happy Customer
January 27th, 2011

Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your technician's telephone assistance last night, around closing time. I had a problem with my new Acer Home Server - Windows Home Server "Connector" had to be reinstalled. The message I was getting on my computer was not at all self-evident in indicating that this had to be done, but with his steady assistance I was back in business in about 10 minutes. I doubt very much whether the "big box stores" would have been able to offer such support on the phone or offer such support at all, for that matter.

As I mentioned to your technician last night, we will continue to spread the word in the neighbourhood about your store, products and service.

Thanks again,

December 17th, 2010

I've been going to Greg and Signa for over 15 years, for all of my personal and business computer needs. They build solid machines, and provide excellent service. I'm happy to recommend them to clients and friends.

William Wallace
November 22nd, 2010

I wanted to thank you and your staff for not only suggesting and installing extra memory into my computer, but I also wanted to thank you for the amazing after the fact service. I feel that sometimes people take service for granted but service is something that is so rare these days that I really wanted to acknowledge it to you. My computer is working so well and being fairly green when it comes to computers, it is such a pleasure to deal with your store and to be made to feel so special. I used to shop at big box stores but I now have no need to visit those stores as I couldn't hope to get better service or advice anyway.

P.S. I didn’t realize you guys were phone experts. You’ve fixed my Blackberry not once but twice!

Thanks to Greg, Jack, Caroline and all of the staff at Signa.

You guys are the best.

Daryl Marks
November 17th, 2010

There are a lot of reasons why I have bought my computers from Signa since 1996. Greg and Jack and Carolina are wonderful people to deal with. Their products are assembled with top quality components and Jack’s construction and assembly is beyond reproach. If it says on the invoice that you have part A in the box then part A is in the box – no messing around here.

Signa stays on top of developments in the industry and they are very candid about what is good and what is not – their years of experience have saved me thousands in mistakes.

But – as even a Mercedes Benz can break once in awhile, if your product from Signa malfunctions, – I would say that Signa has no equal in dealing with service issues. Instead of packing up your stuff and sending it to a post office box somewhere and waiting weeks for resolution, they handle it on site. Greg is the most hands on customer service person I know – almost all of my issues over the years have been dealt with in the store - and they handle any problems promptly and efficiently. This is so rare in 2010 that this reason alone would keep me coming back. I never worry about sending friends and customers to Greg and Jack and Carolina because I know that they will be looked after. Their customer service is Gold Standard.

Allen Purdy Associates
November 9th, 2010

I have been dealing with Signa Computers for over 10 years and they have always provided me with the best products and services. I use their computers and laptops at all of my clients and have never had any issues or complaints. They stand behind what they sell and honour the warranties. I would highly recommend them to everyone for their next personal or corporate purchase.

October 30th, 2010

I use Signa because they have really nice and professional staff who care. Also if I have any questions, they are always happy to answer them at no cost. Best of all I don't need to order anything online for my computers anymore, because all I need to do at Signa is ask and they will order it in for pickup!

Darren Kosick
October 18th, 2010

Thanks for always being there for me. The many times I have come in with what I consider a major problem, only to have you fix it quickly, and many times within seconds, with no cost. The big places just can't provide that kind of service, or you get caught in "voicemail jail" when all you want to do is talk to someone, someone local.

You also have given me very necessary advise as to what I should buy, what to avoid, and backed it up with a solid guarantee. That kind of service is what makes you special.

Thank you,

Pamela Bain
June 10th, 2010

I use Signa because you guys do all the legwork, all the running around for me and let me focus on my running my business which definitely makes the most sense.

Doreen Lin
August 14th, 2009

Just a note to thank you for the fast, and effective service on my keyboard problem.

You retain your solid reputation.

Bob Rife
December 20th, 2008

I would like to thank the personnel at Signa for another year of dedicated service to computer issues across the City of Toronto. I can't imagine to think of a better place for PC help and honesty of what I need then SCS. Many people under appreciate the work that goes into running a store like Signa and the risk it takes to open the doors and hope for business. Signa Computer Solutions has exceeded expectations for Customer Service and is the only place I will buy my computer parts and other computer accessories from. A very Merry Christmas to Signa and lets not forget who to give business to in the New Year. Signa has once again gone above and beyond what a city needs for a friendly, clean and helpful facility. Thank you Signa for yet another outstanding year.

Andrew W. Stewart
February 13th, 2007

The best aspect Signa has is not to sell you what you do not need. Signa becomes a computer “family” to you and I know I can always go in on any given day and know that Jack and Greg are going to be in the best of moods and not hesitate to help or just give advice on the situation your computer may be in.

Andrew W. Stewart
February 7th, 2007

At HKS we can't have our web servers go down, but we don't have a lot of cash. We use RAID cards and hot swap SATA enclosures from Signa Computers to ensure maximum uptime. We use Signa to purchase our equipment because they know the latest technologies, have great prices, and provide superior service. I have personally purchased from Signa since 1995.

Since I've been in technology for 20 years I've learned to trust nothing. I just tested the Promise RAID / SATA enclosures. What an awesome combination! I pulled one drive while the system was running to simulate a drive failure then waited a bit and re-inserted it. It automatically detected the down drive and was fine with it, then it automatically started rebuilding the drive when I re-inserted it. No muss, no fuss.

It just works.

Thanks for another awesome solution guys!

Brad Einarsen, MBA
November 3rd, 2006

Dear Jack and Greg,

Words are never enough to satisfy the gratitude for your corresponding services while doing business with SIGNA. Your immense and dedicated store-customer relationship from both of you made it easy building my two new computers from your store. Living far east in Newfoundland was a hassle-free when doing business with SIGNA. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Kassem Abouchehade
October 22nd, 2006

Hi Greg,

The upgrade is absolutely awesome. Everything that was promised was delivered. You stayed within the budget I gave, and I ended up with plenty of horsepower to run all my games. It's a pleasure to play F.E.A.R. maxed out in all video categories and NFSMW looks just great. I've never been more impressed.

So Greg, once again, thank you very much for the quality service and product and the timely turnaround.


Roman Sawdyk
December 21st, 2005

Hi Greg,

At any time of the year, and particularly now, I’m reminded how fortunate I am to have a friend like you. This may sound a little corny, as we used to say in my youth, but I’m sincere.

In a world gone heavily commercial you’ve stuck by me. My requests for help, some elongated queries and others that, in retrospect, were simply stupid meanderings – all got a quick, elegant response.

Just a note to tell you that you’re respected and appreciated.

Have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.


Bob Rife
July 23rd, 2005

I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job on my computer last Saturday (July 16, you formatted the beast, stuck in a new DVD burner, a new drive and WinXP), and getting it done SO quickly! I had most of my stuff reinstalled by the end of Sunday, then Rogers guy came on Tuesday and did his thing. We're happy surfing campers again, and my computer is running a lot faster with the XP.

So thank you for giving us such great service, it is very much appreciated!

Wendy Brandt
July 12th, 2005

Signa helped me build the upgrade of my dreams! It's everything I have ever wanted in a PC and then some! From their friendly and helpful customer service to their affordable prices and unparalleled results, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience dealing with Signa Computer Solutions.

Richard Mitchell
I just wanted to write a quick note commending Jack on being a very customer-focused individual. I've bought systems from Signa going back 7-8 years and was always impressed with the knowledge, service and candor of everyone. Greg, you have certainly instilled in all of your employees the importance of customer SERVICE! Recently, I've had a few minor problems with my system and when I called to resolve the situation, Jack was extremely helpful. He took the time to listen to my explanation, and walked me through the fix. It's a great comfort to know that, for minor glitches, the folks at Signa are more than willing to attempt a resolution over the phone.
Thanks again, Jack, for getting me out of a jam and keep up the good work!

Roman Sawdyk
In January of 2002, I researched several computer companies to build my "dream machine", which I estimated would cost about $5000 with taxes. This would be done from my own design, using the latest components.

While the quote from Signa Computers was not the lowest, my overall impression of this organization was the highest. In addition, their response to my emailed request for quote, and my subsequent queries, was almost instantaneous. I felt they were on top of the situation technically, and they were not intimidated by my insistence on specific components, and my concerns about documentation and accompanying software. Their warranties seemed to be adequate.

My new computer has more than met my desires. All components and systems appear to be working properly. The wiring has been neatly organized, and Signa has continued to be helpful during the teething process of configuration.

Based on my own experience, and the fact that they have been in business for a considerable period of time, I would not hesitate to recommend them for future projects.

Mike Goldstein
Hi Jack and Greg,

You guys are great and I wanted to express my appreciation for all that you have done for me. Yes, I know it is a two-way street and I am sure you appreciate the little I do for you but I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you have put in to keeping my machine working.

As you know, my expertise is mainly in software and sometimes I get crazy when I have to deal wiih a hardware issue. I have never liked trying to diagnose and repair a hardware problem so it is very valuable to me that you can.

I also appreciate the help you give me via e-mail without charge. You run a great shop and I am thankful for the 'can-do' attitude and pleasant way you deal with your customers.

I am enclosing a small token of my appreciation. Have a lunch on me.

David Wickett
The new PC you made is indeed very quiet, and more importantly than that, what noises it does make are soft, subtle and relaxing.

Unlike other silent PCs on the market, overpriced foam-filled monstrosities, this one can actually be upgraded and its components removed easily, without having to fight with 20 pounds of padding, tape, sleeves and nonstandard cases.

Speaking as someone non-technical who has researched the silent PC market fairly extensively, I really like the machine you designed.

All in all, you designed a truly superior and wonderful system congratulations, I am enjoying this excellent computer thanks to your willingness to design it.

Thank you.

M. Opal
... the level of service provided by all your staff is unparalleled by any other computer store I have dealt with in the past. [My account rep] was very knowledgeable yet personable... and made the extra effort in providing exceptional service. I am very happy with the computer system I have purchased from your store, and confident that the service I will receive in the future will be of the same caliber.

Winston D.
I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with this system. Upon opening the system to install some additional hardware, I could tell that much care was taken to ensure every last detail was attended to. The motherboard is very securely mounted which is something I'm picky about, and all excess cabling was tied off and out of the way. This is without a doubt nicest, fastest computer I have ever had the pleasure to work on (and play on)......and quiet too....when the HDs power down, you wouldn't even know it was on. Anyhow I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional service. Your prices are VERY competitive (I do a lot of shopping around, and go through many quotes before I buy anything), and I would recommend your store to anyone else looking for a new computer. Keep up the great work!

Aaron C.
I just wanted to commend you and your colleages on the overall shopping experience at Signa. when you are building your own custom system from scratch like I am, there is a vast array of vendors to choose from. The very reasons why I will continue to shop at Signa are the same five reasons that are outlined on every one of your Computer Paper / Toronto Computes advertisements.

I was surprised during my visit this evening when [my sales rep], realizing that the two $19.95 80mm case fans I requested were not in stock, sold me two of the variable speed 80mm fans (regularly $24.95), for the same price without a MOMENT of hesitation. While it was only a matter of $10, it really illustrated to me how Signa cares about its customers, even when it's only a $40 purchase.

In addition, I was also surprised to visit the store's website just moments ago, and see that the price of the 128MB PC100 SDRAM was lowered to $126 from the $138 that [my sales rep] had quoted me just 90 minutes before. This illustrates how Signa is commiteed to staying competitive with other vendors in a fluctuating market. This is the lowest price I have seen among all the advertisements in the just-released November issue of Toronto Computes. Even if some of the vendors DO try to meet or beat this price, chances are likely that these changes will not be reflected in the store's website, which can often go weeks without updates. This is definitely not the case for the signa.com site.

Jeremy C.
Dear Greg,

I wish you and your staff all the best in the new place. I also want to congratulate you for the excellent service your business provides. Your website is perfect. I can find in seconds the information I need. Very fast and clear. Also whenever I come to your store I find professional, well informed, and polite people ready to answer all my questions and help with my problems. I am no longer in computer business myself so I send my friends and former customers to you. I know I will not be ashamed. Sometimes when I need some parts I do not hesitate to go to your store from West Mississauga where I live. I know I will find the best quality products and friendly service. I am glad I will drive a little closer now. I do not wish you luck because I know you will continue succeed not because of luck but because of your commitment to excellence.

Best regards,

Walter Lewelt
Signa has come to be my one and only place to shop for computer components. The sales staff are friendly, informative and knowledgeable. Special thanks to [my sales rep] for all the extra care he has provided, from alternative components to hard to get items.

Mike L.
It's great when you have a problem - you can call and get things fixed without getting the run around.

Aaron M.
I just have to say that after looking all over the web for a _Canadian_ web site that lets you custom build your PC, this is by far the best one I've found.

Jeffrey P.
With some great prices, amazing service, quality that can't be beat and overall excellence, Signa is at the top of my list. Definitely to be recommended!

Mike K.
For the past 9 months, [Signa has] worked with me to upgrade our existing network and to install a new operating system at our manufacturing facility. While we encountered serveral hardware conflicts during our upgrade, [Signa was] always prompt with their assistance, both on-site, and over the telephone.

Jeff Chalmers
... when I looked inside [my computer's case] and saw the overall care that had been taken in mounting the new motherboard etc., I was impressed. The board is solid as a rock and very carefully fitted to the case. Everything fits exactly as it should.

Al Purdy
You have demonstrated that customer service is alive and well. Nicely done.

Richard K.
The systems arrive on-time, they are configured as requested, and whenever there have been minor problems they have been rectified quickly. From my point of view, Signa offers the best price/performance/service combination that I have come across... period.

Keith D.
I think you should be aware of the fine people you have working for you; experts that not only made sure we purchased the right computers, but also followed up on our particular situations. It's encouraging to be involved with a company like Signa that doesn't merely deliver a computer. The extra time and instructions your people gave are that value-add extra that I, as a business man, need, appreciate and will remember.

William Kimmo
As a certified computer technician for the past 25 years, and a long-time customer of Signa, I strongly support Greg’s Top 5 Reasons Why a Custom PC is a Better Choice and I can assure you that buying from Signa is a wise choice.

Dave’s Top 5 Reasons Why Buying from Signa is a Better Choice

  1. Signa uses only the best quality parts – this assures you years of worry-free use of your Signa PC – and this doesn’t even mention the fact that if something should go wrong, Greg and his staff will happily make it right.

  2. Shopping at Signa is a pleasant experience and you will quickly feel like a part of the family. Want something unusual or specific in your PC? They will gladly make it the way you want it. Have you seen something new on TV and you want that something? They will happily add that to your PC so that you are buying the most advanced technology there is. And, if you want pretty, they will create a computer with lights, bells and whistles!

  3. Signa PCs, as Greg pointed out do not have a lot of unnecessary software pre-installed. I encourage all of the companies and customers that I support to buy from Signa – I do, and I’ve never been disappointed. When my customers buy PCs before they hire me, one of the first things I do is remove all of the unnecessary and annoying software that they will never need.

  4. I have worked on many ‘Brand Name’ computers during my career and I can tell you, many companies sell ‘proprietary’ hardware in their machines. What does that mean? Well it has often meant buying a memory module to increase the memory in their machines for hundreds of dollars when Signa’s standard memory modules might cost tens of dollars. Standardization also means you don’t have to wait for days or weeks if something needs to be replaced.

  5. They are very nice guys. I know this is a personal opinion but I’ve watched as people come and go from the store and everyone is treated with respect. If you don’t know what something is for, or what a term means, just ask and they will be happy to explain. They will also offer you a range of choices so that you can tailor your machine not only to your needs, but to your pocket book.

I can’t recommend Signa more highly. And no, I don’t work for Signa. I just really like Signa.

E. David Wickett
Computer Dave Inc.
Signa Computer Systems is one of our prefered suppliers of PC systems. They provide great service in terms of speed and attention to detail.

Keri B.
Just a quick note to thank you for such excellent service around my [on-line] purchase... I will definitely recommend you and your company to my computer-using friends and to [my company's] MIS and purchasing departments.

Rick B.

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