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Recent Articles

Computer Repairs on YOUR TimeJune 9, 2015
It's impossible to predict when our electronic devices are going to crash. Most of the time, it happens at the most inconvenient of moments: like right at the start of a Monday morning, when you're in the middle of a large project, or before a presentation for work. It's too bad that we can't schedule these malfunctions ahead of time!

If your computer crashes at a terrible time, don't panic. We're prepared to fly in and save the day! No, we don't have capes -- but we DO have Emergency Response Services to ensure that your computer or electronic device can get up and running again, in time to save your day.

Our team at Signa is prepared to help perform diagnostic services and provide you with quality service where and when you need it.

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Designed with Designers in MindMay 26, 2015
Technology has propelled a lot of industries forward, allowing more time for innovation and creativity. For example, think about architecture and engineering. All their design work was once done completely (and strenuously) by hand. Today, this work can be done with the help of computers. The trick is to find one that is capable of handling the many needs of architects and engineers that perform CAD work!

Our PCs and Notebooks are equipped for the needs of CAD work: high quality graphics and display, quality performance and efficiency, and quiet running. Design work can be completed quickly and with ease, leaving you with plenty of time for...well, yourself! Because your time is valuable.

You won't only be getting reliable technology. Signa's PCs and Notebooks are backed with a solid warranty and support. So, scheme away! Our technology is built to handle it.

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Too Busy to Deal with Technology? We Can Help!May 14, 2015
Life today can be summed up with one word - BUSY! No matter who you talk to, there's always something that's demanding our attention... our work, our family, our kid's activities, groceries, meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, paperwork... It's endless.

There's hardly any "me time" in a day as it is, so the last thing you need is to have more hours taken out of your day trying to deal with technology that's broken or misbehaving. Instead, let someone else rush for you, while you take back part of your day!

Signa's RUSH service is there just for you! Drop off your device (or even have us pick it up) and we'll have it back in working order - PRONTO! No fuss, no muss, and what you do with the time you save is completely up to you! ;)

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Why is My Computer So Slow When My Life is So Fast?April 28, 2015
They say you can't be too rich or too thin, and we've never heard anyone say their technology is too fast. Why do we crave speed?

Today, we live in an instant society, and no one likes to wait for anything, especially when it comes to communications. The days of turning on your computer, going to make a coffee, and coming back to a computer still loading are long since over. We need instant gratification. By the time you get out of your chair, your computer is loaded and ready go! People want information now and even if you're just doing email, browsing, or researching and writing a book, the need for speed is of vital importance.

The two questions we're asked most often is:

1.) "I've barely used my computer, why did it slow down?" In order to keep up with people writing malicious software, Microsoft and Apple must release weekly updates to plug security holes. We did a fresh install on a Mac the other day and had to install 2.5GB worth of updates. Windows 7 now needs 188+ updates. All those updates slow your machine down. Each year that goes by takes its toll on speed, and by the time it's 4 years old, you'll need an upgrade, whether you've used it or not!

2.) "If I uninstall a few programs, would that speed up my computer?" It's commonly thought a quick cleanup and removal of software not being used will speed up the computer, but unfortunately that's not the case. We're back to the problem outlined above - the patched (updated) Windows or OSX operating system has, over the years, simply slowed down to the point of being almost unusable.

Lately, we've found our clients reluctant to replace that 5 to 8 year old Mac or PC and prefer to breathe a little life into their not-too-old technology. Thankfully there are things you can do to restore new or better than new performance. Call, email, or come on in with your computer, tablet, or phone and we'd be glad to help, either in-store or at your home.

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

Really Rapid Remote RescueApril 21, 2015
Technology can be complex, and you can't be expected to know everything. Need something fixed ASAP, and don't have time to book a service window for an in-home/office tech? Well, have no fear, help is near!

Signa is rolling out our new "Really Rapid Remote Rescue" service... If you can't come to us but you still need our help, we can connect to your computer, fix the problem (while you carry on with other tasks), then you can be on your way to do whatever it is you actually need to be doing. What could be better than that?

Give us a call, shoot us an email, or drop by our store -- you'll be happy you did!

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells, Owner

The journey of a thousand files begins with a single step.April 8, 2015
These days, our mobile devices are constantly with us wherever we go, and that means our precious data is too. Everything from laptops, to tablets, to cellphones... and they all have our data in the form of photos, contacts, notes, documents, calendars, bookmarks, and more.

Our mobile devices are mobile, and that puts them at greater risk of being damaged. Cellphones, tablets, and notebooks are regularly sat on, stepped on, kicked, dropped, zapped with static electricity, baked in hot cars, and immersed in water (and those are only a few of the most common causes of device demise.) We rely on our mobile devices day-to-day, and we put lots of information into them expecting that it will always be there for us when we need it - but the truth is that some of this data may exist only on your device, as not everything is automatically backed-up in "the cloud."

At Signa, we can help prevent the loss of your mobile device's data. The first and simplest thing that we can do for you is back-up your data, giving you an SD-card, USB drive, or hard drive with all of your photos and files. More importantly though, we can teach you how to export and backup your own data so that you're always protected.

Isn't it time that you took the first proactive step on your journey to peace-of-mind? Please give us a call, send us an e-mail, or stop in and chat with us about your best options - no matter what device you're using, we can help keep the information inside of it safe so that it's always there when you need it

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells, Owner

We're not spies but we do offer these "Secret Services"April 1, 2015
We often get great feedback from our clients that it's our "special services" or what we refer to as "Secret Services" that really sets us apart from the big box stores. Yes, we do in-home and office repairs and in-store service, and yes, that's our bread and butter, but we also provide a number of other services we feel are as important to our client's livelihood. We thought by sharing some of them with you, it would remind y ou that peace of mind at Signa is also about being proactive with your maintenance and backups. So, here they are:

  • Data recovery on failed Mac and PC hard drives
  • iPhone/iPad/Android data transfer and training
  • Video (VHS/8mm) to DVD/Blu-ray/file conversions
  • Rush services/same-day in-store and in-home/office
  • Wireless Signal Boosting, and hardwiring homes and offices
  • Hooking up TVs, programming remotes, game consoles etc

Being a small business, we can respond to our customer's needs quickly and efficiently, letting you continue with what's important to you - running your business, looking after your family, or simply sitting back as we solve your technology challenges.

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells, Owner

A word from Greg March 13, 2015
Hello Friends,

I am happy to say that it feels like spring is right around the corner. It's finally time to start thinking about shedding those winter clothes, as our spirits will soon be lifted as we welcome in the warmer weather.

We hope to see more of you in the neighbourhood as the milder temperatures will certainly encourage you to get more fresh air, so come in for a visit and say hi.

As always, we appreciate your business and love helping out our friends and neighbours. Feel free to connect with me anytime as I'm always here to help.

P.S. until April 30th, receive $25 off a spring tuneup

Malware Beware - Spring Cleaning's Come Early!February 10, 2015
We've noticed a huge spike in the number of PCs (and now Macs) infested with malware (malicious software like viruses or spyware) since Christmas. In response to that, we thought we'd feature a few tips on how to spot some of the common signs of malware, along with a coupon to help you out.

So, what are the signs that you may have Malware on your PC or Mac? These are some of the most common ones...
  • Pop-up windows that flash up on the screen and then vanish in an instant
  • Banners and advertisements under your google search bar, saying "you have mail!" etc
  • Full-screen apps that take over your screen and prevent you from clicking on anything else, often promoting some product or company
  • "Waiting to close" warnings about obscurely-named apps while you're powering-down your computer
  • Your home page that you usually see when you open your browser (IE/Chrome/Safari) suddenly changes to something else
  • Strange toolbars suddenly appearing in your browser
  • The sudden appearance of applications in the programs/apps list that you did not install (on PC go to Control Panel/Programs and Features, on a Mac go to Launchpad)
  • Constant hard-drive activity, even when the machine is idle (ie. the hard-drive light is on solid and never stops)
  • Your computer takes much longer than normal to start-up or shut-down, and while it's running, applications seem slower than normal... sometimes to the point that they're almost unusable.

These are just a handful of the most common symptoms. If you're experiencing any of these, then you could very well have malware on-board, and cyber-criminals could have access to your device.

Signa is here to help, any time you need assistance. If you are faced with some of these symptoms (or even other suspicious behaviour) and would like our expert technicians to clean your device from stem to stern, then just give us a call. We'll be happy to get you back up and running - malware free! - in short order.

Kind regards,

Greg Stapells

3 Ways to Get Windows 10 Today!February 2, 2015
While it's too early to tell whether March is going to come in like a Lion or a Lamb, February sure arrived with a winter-wallop! Here's hoping that this frigid, wintery blast is a short-lived one! Brrr!

As many of you might have heard, Microsoft is already hard at work on the next major release of their flagship operating system, Windows 10. Although most Microsoft-watchers don't expect the final OS to arrive until sometime around October, you can get a head-start and check out the Consumer Preview of the OS right now!

There are three ways that you can get Windows 10 :

  1. If you buy a new desktop or notebook, just tell your friendly neighbourhood Signa technician that you'd like to try the Windows 10 preview. You'll still get your choice of a full Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license, but you will also get the consumer preview of Windows 10 (which can either be installed alongside Windows 7 or 8.1 in a dual-boot config, or as the main OS (which will eventually update to the full version of Windows 10 at the product's launch.)
  2. If you aren't getting a new PC anytime soon, but would still like to take the Windows 10 preview for a spin, you can download your own preview copy and install it yourself for free. (If that seems a little bit daunting, no worry - just ask one of our technicians, and they'll be happy to assist.)
  3. Finally, if you want to skip the preview for now and wait for the final version, that's okay too. Over a 1-year period following the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft will be offering current owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 a free upgrade to Windows10!

So, there you have it... Exciting new features are one the way, like multiple desktops and window-snapping (similar to Linux), modern apps that run in a desktop window, and the much celebrated return of the old Windows Start-Menu (live-tiles have been moved into a compact side-panel on the right of the start-menu, so no more flipping between interfaces! Yay!) It's all fantastic stuff, and let me tell you - it makes a huge difference!

So, it seems like 2015 is going to be a very exciting year for Windows users. Grab a piece of that excitement today, and take the Windows 10 consumer preview for a spin! You'll be glad you did!

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

Don't let Malware Byte You In the End!January 21, 2015
More than ever, cybercriminals are out to breach your privacy and steal your personal information. Whether you use a PC with Windows, a Mac with OSX, or a smart-phone running iOS/Android we're all still in the same boat together, as all of these platforms are being targeted by malware.

Here are a few quick pointers to help keep you and your computer safe:

  • While some legitimate sites like NetFlix require you to install 3rd-party plugins like Silverlight to watch protected tv-shows and movies, some less ethical websites invite you to install their own video players so that they can bombard you with advertisements, steal your personal information, or even take-over your computer. As YouTube clearly demonstrates, modern browsers are able to play videos on the web without installing any plugins at all, so if some other site tells you that you have to install a plugin to watch something on their site, it might be worth a quick Google search first to see if that particular website is serving up more than just entertainment.
  • Most people know that computers run programs, and that if you ever tried to run something that wasn't a program as if it were a program, your computer would crash. So, you can't get viruses or malware from non-program files like music or video... they're just data, right? Wrong. Videos, music, and pretty much any computer file that gets loaded into memory can be tampered with so that part of it loads into a special location where your computer mistakenly THINKS it's a program - and then you're in trouble. Whoever rigged the file can tell your device to do just about anything, although usually they tell it to download and install more complicated malware. So, best advice - only watch or download things from trusted sites like YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, Freeplay Music, etc., and avoid the temptation of random files that you might find via a Google search or Torrent sites.
  • Be careful what applications you install, and what you agree to while you're installing them. On PC and Mac you may be downloading a completely legitimate game, utility, etc, but it could come bundled with something else that will try to install alongside the program that you actually wanted. So read each screen of the installer carefully, and un-check any offers to install bundled apps. On your phone or tablet, always be sure to research your app first and find out what intents it has (ie. what features of your device it can access.) If you don't think that a tic-tac-toe game should be able to access your personal contacts list or connect to a network, then leave that app where it is.
  • Avoid using commonly-attacked applications - switch to something else. There's a slogan which reads "security through obscurity" which basically means that if you're using an application that relatively few people are using, it probably isn't being actively attacked by cyber-criminals either. Malware authors typically attack applications that are on everyone's computers - it maximizes their chances of succeeding. If you can switch to some other application instead (say for instance, using Video LAN's VLC Player instead of Windows Media Player) you improve your security, because an attack designed specifically to breach your security via Windows Media Player just won't work on VLC Player. By the same token, an attack that works on Internet Explorer won't work on Firefox or Opera, etc. So whenever possible, take "the road less travelled", as there are fewer bandits on it.
  • Be mindful of what your computer is doing. Hopefully, you remember what it was like when you got it... if it suddenly seems much slower, or appears to be doing things that it didn't normally do (windows popping up and vanishing in the blink of an eye, slow starting up or shutting down, strangely-named applications causing "would not close" warnings during shut-down, etc.) you might want to consider the possibility that you've got uninvited guests on-board and are in need of pest-control.

These are just a few simple tips that can help keep you and your computer safe while you're connected to the outside world. As always, let us know if you like seeing this sort of information appearing in the newsletter, and we'll be sure to include more tips just like these in future issues! Also, if you're having trouble with malware, the experts at Signa are available for in-home/office service calls and carry-in service with no drop off appointment needed. Just email sales@signa.com, or call 416-488-9208 and we'll provide the peace of mind you're looking for.

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

Do you know an Up and Coming Apprentice?January 16, 2015
Did you know Signa has a new service add-on called the Apprentice Package that adds two hours of training on how to build a DIY (do-it-yourself) PC?

Aside from being a great way to pick up a few tips if you're already a DIY sort of person, this particular package is also a fantastic opportunity to see what it would be like to be a System Integrator (someone who builds computers from parts as a profession.) If you know someone who's interested in technology, but might need a guiding hand to help them through that first big step of building a PC on their own, Signa now offers you an opportunity to do just that. Combine the Apprentice Package with any PC, and you'll be guided by an expert service technician with years of practical experience as you build your very own PC.

So whether you're just an ordinary person looking to try something new, or you're considering a career in PC assembly and repair and want to walk a mile in a tech's shoes to see how it fits, drop by and ask about our special Apprentice Package. You won't find it anywhere else!

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

Wishing you all the best in 2015December 31, 2014
Wow, in just a few short hours it'll be 2015! Where did the time go so quickly? For certain, it's been a very interesting year in computing and technology, and we thought it would be fun to do a quick re-cap of some of our most memorable "technological moments" of 2014.

  • New PC Game: Titanfall (March 11th)
  • Disclosure of MAC/PC "Heartbleed Bug" (April)
  • Microsoft ended support for Windows XP (Apr. 8th)
  • New PC Game: WatchDogs (May 27th)
  • Microsoft announces new tablet, the Surface Pro 3 (June 20th)
  • Western releases new 5TB and 6TB Drives (July 21st)
  • New PC Game: Risen 3 Titan Lords (Aug. 12th)
  • nVidia releases their GeForce 980 Video Cards (Sept. 19th)
  • Apple releases large-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (Sept. 19th)
  • Apple announces their high-tech Apple Watch (Sept. 19th)
  • Disclosure of the Shellshock/BASHdoor Browser bug (Sept. 24th)
  • Microsoft announces Windows 10 (Sept. 30th)
  • Apple releases OSX Yosemite (Oct. 16th)
  • Apple announces the iPad Air 2 (Oct 16th)
  • New PC Game: Assassin's Creed Unity (Nov. 11th)
  • Google releases new phone OS Android 5.0 "Lollipop" (Nov. 12th)
  • New PC Game: Dragon Age Inquisition (Nov. 18th)
  • New PC Game: FarCry 4 (Nov. 18th)

What were your most memorable "tech" moments of 2014? :) We'd love to hear, please reply to this e-mail!

And of course, as the hours tick down to 2015, all the staff at Signa would like to take a moment to wish you and your family a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Before Santa comes, let Signa's elves help you!December 19, 2014
As we approach the holidays we realize just how busy it is. All the shopping and hustle and bustle, buying and wrapping gifts, and holiday parties -- not to mention work! These things can all take their toll, leaving you very little time to yourself and your family. There's one area we can help in, before or after the holidays, and that's hi-tech help.

  • Boosting/stabilizing WiFi and Internet
  • Pre-setup of a new computer/tablet/phone
  • Wall-mounting flat-screen TVs and Monitors
  • Fixing printer issues
  • Installing PC/Mac Antivirus to prevent problems
  • Setting up an Apple TV
  • Speeding up a PC/Mac
  • Help setting up a Digital Photo Frame

Signa is ready to make your holiday just a little bit easier. We're here to handle the technical stuff, so that you can focus on egg-nog, holiday cookies, and most importantly, family. So give us a call, send us an email, or drop into our store, we're always ready to help.

Happy Holidays!
Greg Stapells

Spend a little more on a printer, save a fortune on ink!December 12, 2014
Holy snowstorms, can you believe all that? It's funny... we get the same thing every year, but it's always such a shock the first time - you'd think we'd never seen snow before! Kidding aside, I hope you got through it okay.

So back to my subject, why would I actively try and decrease our InkJet sales? Well, three reasons:
  1. Buying ink cartridges each month is expensive and a little annoying
  2. We don't really like inkjet-based printers and don't use them ourselves
  3. The business is appreciated, but the eco waste is a bigger problem

Back in 1989, I disliked inkjet-based printers so much I had an $1800 laser printer in my apartment. People thought I was crazy spending that kind of money on a printer, but it served me well, getting over 10 years use from that trusty old HP Laserjet IIP. I bought a $50 black toner (dry ink) every two years and never looked back. I've bought lasers for work and home ever since, and have been extremely happy with their low-cost consumables and next to zero maintenance costs.

So if you're like me and are tired of the high cost of replacement ink, please contact us. We'll recommend a nice, affordable laser printer for your application, that'll be cheap to run, providing consistent quality all the way.

Greg Stapells

Yet Another Mac Attack...November 5, 2014
It's another sign of Apple's success and growing marketshare: over the past few days we've been seeing another rash of malware targeting iOS. As Apple grows in popularity and consumers jump on-board the platform, unfortunately cyber-criminals looking to exploit those consumers do too.

This most recent attack slithers onto systems, interferes with network access, inserts unwanted ads into normally ad-free pages, and is generally a pain (see actual screencaps from an infected machine to the right.) If your Mac has been acting strangely or having intermittent issues lately, it might be worthwhile checking for unwelcome guests inside. Cybercriminals aren't just out to interfere with the use of your computer - they're usually after your personal information (like account logins and passwords, credit card information, etc.) It pays to be proactive, or if you're already infected, at least rapidly reactive.

Signa offers a full range of services for your Apple products - sales, service, repairs, upgrades and also malware removal. We're happy to examine any machine that may be misbehaving, and we'll get it fixed up for you and back to full health in very short order.

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells

MAC Compatibility - MYTH or FACT?October 29, 2014
So, is there a real benefit to you syncing your Apple products with a MAC? We say no. Here are some misconceptions:

  • iPhones and iPads sync better with MACs - Do you know that PCs sync as well if not better with iPhone and iPad? (esp MS Outlook)
  • MACs are easier to use - This is a good one. Unless you're a kid or have been using them all your life, I disagree. Many business software requires a PC, esp for accounting and engineering
  • Speed! Newer MACs with SSDs are pretty quick, as are new PCs. PCs edge the MACs out in bang for the buck so to speak. MACs can be as fast but generally cost 50-100% more than a similar PC
  • MACs don't break or get viruses - They don't get as many, that's for sure, but we're seeing increased numbers of MACs with malware, especially those annoying pop-ups.
  • MAC's are better looking machines - we agree, they DO look great! The PCs are catching up in the looks department but would still give the edge to MACs
  • I just want a MAC - Okay, we understand, and we sell MACs!

So, come compare and let us guide you as to the best computers based on your needs. We'll help you with all of your compatibility needs and ensure all of your devices are ready to use with no issues. At Signa, we too are collaborators, and always here to assist in connecting you to the right decisions! Call or click, Peace of Mind at your service!

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells

Men and Women are Hardwired Differently, Computers Aren't Much Different!October 22, 2014
So, you may ask, WHY? Why hardwire your system? Well, like the experts tell us, sustainability, reliability and most of all.....PERFORMANCE! Why is the trend moving away from wireless networks for your home office you ask? If you want supreme performance without any hiccups, interruptions or lagging, well, think about hardwiring your network. It's proven to be a much better long-term strategy, and will guarantee that you have less issues and more productivity over the course of time. In fact we're installing more hard-wired systems than ever before as small business owners are realizing the huge benefits - and what's really important is the reduction of radio emissions!

The experts say "Wireless networks may be convenient, but wired networks beat Wi-Fi in every other way. Wired networks are faster, they're always reliable, and they're secure. Unless you're sitting on the couch with a laptop, or connecting a Wi-Fi-only device, wired ethernet is the better way to go. Cables run inside or through walls to get you solid internet where you need it, also increasing the value of your home."

As always, we're here to help, and offer you the best internet performance solutions for your home or office. Call us or pop in. We like "staying connected" to our customers, and when it comes to hardwiring ideas to suit your needs, we can fit into any budget. We offer great in-store or at-home service, the peace- of-mind is free. When performance matters, Signa is your source for all your computer needs.

For a bit of fun, I've included a YouTube video you may enjoy watching:
A Tale of Two Brains

Best Regards,

Greg Stapells

"Mainstream" just isn't for everyone...October 14, 2014
Are you someone who only does very basic things with your computer, like checking e-mail, surfing the web, and visiting Facebook? Are you looking looking to cut costs for a slightly cheaper PC? Well, one way to do that is to skip Microsoft Windows and try an alternative operating system (OS) like Linux!

  • The Linux operating system is entirely free - and when the next version comes along, the upgrade is also yours for free at the click of a button.
  • Many applications (for just about anything you can think of) are also available for free, and can be downloaded and installed with just a couple of mouse-clicks. Better yet, all of them receive automatic updates just like the OS does.
  • Many popular web-browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are available for Linux (and those that aren't - like Safari - can be run under WINE.)
  • Microsoft-Office-Compatible office suites such as OpenOffice and Libre Office are yours for free at the click of a mouse, so you can do word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases at no cost!
  • Linux is highly customizable. Don't like the way something works? Change it! You can even choose which desktop environment you use (pick from KDE Plasma, Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, etc, or install several and choose which one you want to use at the spur of the moment on your login-screen.)
  • No need to give up gaming either... Did you know Steam is now available for Linux? There are already tons of games available for the OS, and more are added almost daily.
  • Enjoy "Security through obscurity"... worried about Windows Malware and viruses that are targeting the majority of computer users? They don't work on Linux!

So, if you're looking to save a few bucks, or just want to try something new, why not give Linux a try? Drop in and have a chat with us about it, as there are lots of options to choose from. You can even have Linux and Windows side-by-side on the same machine (called "dual-boot") so you can choose which OS to use when you power-up your computer. Take a step outside the Windows ecosystem, and discover what's possible today!

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells

Your first look at Windows 10...!October 7, 2014
Those of you who can't wait to get your hands on the latest and greatest tech will be happy to hear that the Windows 10 technology preview is on the way! Whoa, wha...? We just had Windows 8.0 - what happened to Windows 9.0? Apparently, the "9.0" version number is being skipped to prevent older, non-conforming applications from confusing it with Windows 95. So, 10.0 it is!

And what an interesting update it's shaping up to be! Proving that functionality and usability is paramount, Microsoft is leaving no stone un-turned - apparently, even the Windows Command Line is getting a bunch of new features, including the ability to paste to it via CTRL+V, plus a half-dozen other little appearance and input tweaks that you can customize! Also new will be a dedicated Notification Centre where all of your apps will push notices and alerts to, and which you can control (ie. centralized and consistent, as opposed to the current situation where every application has its own custom notification method.) Speaking of control, you will now also be able to easily pin the Recycle Bin to the Start Menu and Taskbar - just right-click, and choose the option, bam - there it is! Explorer also has a new "Home" location that keeps all of your most-used folder locations, and the "Run" menu has been updated so that you can quickly pull up a list of recently-used files by typing the word "recent". Those of you who use multiple virtual desktops will be happy to hear that you now have shortcut keys available - Win+Tab to create/switch desktops, and CTRL+Win+Left or CTRL+Win+Right to move between desktops. And, finally, File History is now available in a tab when you bring up the properties on a file.

So, quite a bunch of changes lining up already, and all of them quite useful! Can't wait to give them a try? The Windows Technical Preview ISOs are available from Microsoft here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-iso. Have fun!. Have fun!

Best Regards,

Greg Stapells

Thanks for Sharing...!October 1, 2014
It's been another amazing month at Signa, and on behalf of the entire staff I would like to thank our customers for making our jobs fun and enjoyable.

Although everyone who works at Signa obviously enjoys computers and technology, we're also very much "people persons". We love to chat, and hear stories about the cool and creative things you guys are doing with your machines. A computer on its own doesn't do very much at all, but when you add the person (and their creativity) to the mix -- that's when the truly astounding stuff happens. So, here's a quick little thank you to all of our customers for taking the time to "talk shop" with us. It really makes our day! :)

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells

Hacked! Even the cloud is vulnerable!September 9, 2014
I guess you've already heard of the celebrity hacking by now. Yes, famous celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked releasing hundreds of private photos and videos to the public. When asked why, why they allowed confidential pictures to be uploaded to the cloud, the answer was almost unanimous: they thought it was safe, and didn't give it much thought. Tap the button Backup to iCloud and it's pretty much done.

Do you know another way to describe cloud storage? Backing up to someone else's hard drive.

By now many people have turned off cloud backup and wonder how they will manage data backup. The answer is almost as easy as iCloud: plug into iTunes and backup to a PC or mac. It's not as convenient, but at least your data remains on your hard drive and not someone else's.

These tips and other useful hints to keep your computers and information safe is what Signa is all about. Call us or come on in and we'll prove that our promise is delivering peace of mind. Hope to see you soon.

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Make Back-to-School Less Taxing + Postcard in mailboxAugust 12, 2014
We're nearly at the middle of August, and it's time to be thinking about getting the kids ready to go back-to-school. We know how taxing that can be sometimes, so we've decided to take the "tax" out of the equation with this week's newsletter-exclusive special offer! Using the coupons below, you can get an open-box 32GB 4th-gen iPad or a factory-sealed Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Notebook -- and we'll cover the HST! Hurry in, as quantities are limited... no rainchecks.

Looking to save even more? Keep an eye on your mail box, as our summer postcard should be arriving shortly via Canada Post, complete with a coupon that will save you even more! It's been such a great summer for us, and we've decided to share the love.

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Get Ready for an Amazing PC or Mac experience!August 6, 2014
With today's busy lifestyle and so many things on the go, we're often looking for ways to be more efficient with our time. Using a computer can help get more done in less time, as long as we're not waiting for the computer to catch up to us.

One of the best ways to improve how your PC or Mac desktop/notebook runs is to install an SSD or Solid State Drive. This replaces the older, slower mechanical HDD or Hard Disk drive.

Your old hard-drive is like a K-car... It's fairly reliable, but it's not the fastest, and it certainly isn't the quietest or most fuel-efficient either. An HDD is old tech, with spinning platters and moving arms that are slow, noisy, vulnerable to impact/jarring, and which eat-up precious battery power. In comparison, a solid state drive is like a new Maserati: blindingly fast, quiet, and super fuel efficient. An SSD uses ultra-fast memory for storage (like what's in your digital camera or iPad) so you'll realize up to 5X faster loading, rebooting, and start-ups. Also, there are no moving parts, so your battery will last much longer, the drive operates in complete silence, and there's no risk of physically damaging the drive and losing your data if you bump your desktop or notebook. Did we mention that it's so much faster you won't believe it's the same computer? There just isn't any comparison between HDDs and SSDs... one is slow old tech, and the other delivers cutting-edge performance.

To enjoy all these great benefits of an SSD, call or drop by and we'd be happy to help. We'll even help transfer the contents of your old drive to the new one, so (aside from the phenomenal speed boost, silent operation, and improved battery life) you'll never even know that anything changed.

P.S. The latest generation SSDs are twice as fast as the originals, so upgrading to a newer, larger (possibly less expensive) SSD could net you a nice boost in performance, while giving you the storage you need.

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells

Don't fear as April 8 is near - So long Windows XP and Office 2003March 19, 2014
Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003?

According to Microsoft's Support Lifecycle Policy, products such as Windows and Office receive a minimum of 10 years of support, during which time they receive service packs and updates. Windows XP and Office 2003 support will end on April 8, 2014.

If your organization has not started migrating to a modern desktop, you are late. Based on past customer deployment data, most enterprise migrations take 18 to 32 months. To ensure you remain on supported versions of Windows and Office, you should begin your planning and application testing immediately to ensure you deploy before support ends for XP and Office 2003.

What does end of support mean to customers?

It means you should take action. After April 8, 2014, there will be no new security updates, no hotfixes to deal with bugs, and no free or paid assisted support.
Running Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 in your environment after their end of support date may expose your company to potential risks, such as:

  • Security & Compliance Risks: being unsupported and unpatched means that you are vulnerable to security risks. This may lead to certification failure, and/or public notification of your organization’s inability to maintain its systems and customer information.
  • Lack of 3rd Party Software & Hardware Manufacturers support: Gartner Research notes that in 2012, most PC hardware manufacturers will stop supporting Windows XP on the majority of their new PC models.
  • Lack of 3rd Party Technical Support: Rogers themselves is also is stopping support on XP-based computers effective April 8th 2014.
Get current with Windows and Office. This option has an up-side well beyond keeping you supported. It allows employees to be more productive, and increases operating efficiency through improved security and management. It also enables your organization to take advantage of latest technology trends such as virtualization and the cloud.

How do I begin my migration?

For peace-of-mind without all the hassle, give the experts at Signa a call! In many cases, we can simply upgrade your old system with a current version of Windows, allowing you to enjoy the same level of security and support that you previously enjoyed with your old operating system. If your current hardware is too old to run a modern version of Windows, we can also help you find new hardware or hardware-upgrades that meet your current needs.

Kind Regards,
Greg Stapells

Sometimes Your Computers Need A March Break too!March 13, 2014
We know that Spring is just around the corner and the snow will soon be gone. We forget sometimes how busy we all get and how fast life moves. Sometimes, We all need a bit of a breather, a little downtime to relax and enjoy. It's been a cold and snowy March Break so far and as we were teased a bit this past week with some warmer weather, we thought we'd take this opportunity to thank you. We appreciate your kind words, neighbourly support and of course, your continued business.

With that in mind, here are some tips over the March Break to help warm up your day. Happy Spring!

Here are the top things to look for over the March Break and some fixes too.

  1. Does your web browser get stuck on "connecting" and seem to take forever to load a page?
  2. Do you frequently get pop-up messages saying "the following program has stopped working..." (windows 7) or program just won't run (Mac)
  3. Does your PC or Mac take a long time to start up or shut down?
  4. Do you have 2 or more little annoyances, things just not working the way they should with your computer?
  5. Does your WiFi often disconnect?

Here's what you can try to do to fix the problems yourself:

  1. Try uninstalling any unnecessary programs
  2. Disable any browser add-ons, especially toolbars
  3. Do all your Windows or Mac OS updates (especially in wake of a known virus)
  4. Un-install the affected program, re-install it, update it to the latest version and see if that solves the problem

If none of the above work, the last resort (and sometimes the quickest thing you can do) is to backup all your data, get your software lined up to re-install, de-authorize your itunes and any Adobe software like Photoshop, and DO A FRESH INSTALLATION OF YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM.

We're here to help with any of these issues. Please do not attempt my "last resort" recommendation if you're not completely familiar with how to back-up your PC (Windows Backup) or Mac (Time Machine). We'll be sure to keep you up and running smoothly. If you would be more comfortable having someone do this for you, we also provide at-home service.

As always we're a phone call away so give us a ring or come in for a visit.

Greg Stapells

Why is My Computer So Slow When My Life is So Fast?March 2, 2014
You can't be too rich or too thin, but most importantly, you can never have too fast a computer. Why do we crave speed?

Today, we live in an instant society, and no one likes to wait for anything, especially when it comes to technology. The days of turning on your computer, going to make a cup of coffee, and coming back to a computer still loading are over. We need instant gratification. By the time you get out of your chair, your computer is loaded and ready go! People want information now and even if you're just doing email, surfing on-line or sharing photos, the need for speed is of vital importance.

The two questions we're asked most often is:

  1. "I've barely used my computer, why did it slow down?"

    In order to keep up with people writing malicious software, Microsoft and Apple must release weekly updates to plug security holes. We did a fresh install on a Mac the other day and had to install 2.5GB worth of updates. All those updates add to the time it takes to start up the computer, and to run your software. Each year that goes by takes its toll on speed, and by the time it’s 4 years old, you’ll need an upgrade, whether you’ve used it or not!
  2. "If I uninstall a few programs, would that speed up my computer?"

    It's commonly thought a quick cleanup and removal of software not being used will speed up the computer, but unfortunately that's not the case. We're back to the problem outlined above - the patched (updated) Windows or OSX operating system has, over the years, simply slowed down to the point of being unusable.

Lately, we've found our clients reluctant to replace that 3 or 4 year old Mac or PC and prefer to breathe a little life into their not-too-old technology. Thankfully there are things you can do to restore new or better than new performance. Call, email, or come on in with your computer and we’d be glad to help, either in-store or at your home.

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

It's like comparing Apples and Oranges!February 11, 2014
Hello friends and MAC lovers. We just received a new shipment of best-selling and ever popular MacBook Airs and Pros. They're now in stock and on display here at Signa and ready for you to test drive. These MACs are great for the whole family and best of all, at great prices. Come on in and try them for yourself. We service MACs too so have no fear, we'll make sure your computer is ready to go and lasts for a long time.

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

Traction and Performance - The Power of TwoFebruary 5, 2014
Old Man Winter is certainly alive and well! Having a four-wheel-drive car can give your vehicle a significant advantage in the snow, and in a similar manner, having certain computer components working in tandem can give your PC huge traction as well!
  • Adding a second hard-drive with RAID can give you peace-of-mind. Hard drives do fail occasionally, but with RAID and drive-mirroring, your important data is written on two separate storage devices simultaneously. If one device should fail, the other will still have all of your vital data -- safe and secure.
  • Into serious PC gaming and demand the highest resolutions? Still want liquid-smooth frame rates? It's time to upgrade your gaming rig to work with SLI or Crossfire - two technologies that allow you to install two GPUs and essentially bridge them, working together to render the game's visuals. This doubles your video performance, giving you an extreme edge.

  • Adding a second monitor can really change the PC experience. Constantly fighting with multiple windows that cover each other is not the solution... a second display allows you to easily view on one screen while you're working on another. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you ever went without it.

  • When truly exceptional processing power is needed, it's time to utilize a motherboard that supports two physical processors at the same time. When combined with the latest hex-core processors, this is an absolutely killer combination that results in a rig with an astounding 12 processing cores. Talk about phenomenal speed, leaving typical dual- and quad-core systems in the dust!

So yes, there are many situations in which two components can be better than just one! Be sure to ask us about all of these custom setups - we'd love to chat and explain them in greater detail. Remember, that you certainly won't find configurations like this at your local big-box store, but at Signa we've got you covered!

Kind regards,
Greg Stapells

Living in the Cloud, the dream is now a reality!January 21, 2014
We've all heard about cloud computing and with the world certainly getting smaller, the talk about the cloud is all abuzz. So what is "cloud computing"? It's about accessibility, ease-of-use, and cost savings. We can now share files from anywhere on the web, download and exchange information almost instantly, as well as connect to any piece of information regardless of where we're located. In fact, cloud computing isn't only for business - personal cloud computing is on the rise. The whole notion of platform integration and file sharing has become an easy fit, and often, does not require heavy IT resourcing.

So, you ask... what are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing?


Cost reduction - Cloud computing can reduce hardware costs and the need for IT Staff.

It's Scalable - Cloud computing services allow you to only pay for what you use. As your business grows, you can too by easily adding more server space.

Easier collaboration - Services in the cloud can be accessed anytime from any computer, making it easy to collaborate with others in remote locations.

Backup - Off-site backups can save your business or family pictures and memories in the event of a hard drive crash.


Availability - will your cloud service go down unexpectedly leaving you without important data for hours or more?

Speed - the Internet is many times slower than a LAN (local area network) so if you have larger files or many files to deal with, you're be better off having them on your own server, or your personal cloud (in your home/office.)

Privacy - how much data are cloud companies collecting and how is that information be used? Once you decide to stop using that cloud service, can you get all your data back and can you ensure the provider will destroy all your data?

Backup - Large amounts of data could take hours or days to backup and/or restore.

Cost - The costs associated with storing and retrieving data in the cloud could exceed storing a local copy on your premises for maximum speed and security, and availability.


Living in the cloud is no longer a dream, it's here! It's important to consider all the angles and choose what's best for your business and for you personally. We'd be happy to help you with this decision, whether it's for your home or your business. Call us, click online, or come on in, we're here to help, that's our promise!

Greg Stapells

Let's Talk - Shaping the future through ChatJanuary 13, 2014
In an effort to continually improve the service we offer, and to provide you with tools we think you'll benefit from, we've installed a new premium Chat service on our website.

Visit signa.com, and look for the purple balloon on the lower right side of your browser. It works on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and phones. Go ahead and give it a try. Ask a question, book a service call, or just say hi, we’d love to hear from you. Now that's service!

We welcome your feedback.

Greg Stapells

Can 2014 be the year of change?January 6, 2014
Well, Happy 2014 to all, and may it be the best year ever! I hope you and your families are well.

Now that we've survived the ice storm and all the snow, I can safely say most things are back to normal... we hope!

As we at Signa reflect on 2013, for us it was the year of innovation, communication and inspiration. Thank you for all your support, the stories of how we helped you over the past year, and most of all, the kind words we like to hear... being your trusted, "go-to" neighborhood computer retailer.

2014 promises to be a great year and we believe, the year of Collaboration, Community and Proactivity.

At Signa, one thing is for sure, we are all about delivering the best service to you, for your needs and your budget, with no big box "sales" mentality... We Promise. That's the Signa difference. We will continue to provide you with peace of mind when you look to us to help you with:

  • Wifi support or service
  • Tablets
  • Phones - sales and repairs
  • MAC and PC upgrades or repairs
  • Cabling and networking
  • Wall mounting TVs
  • In home or in store service

Or... just some FREE advice. Call us and experience Signa. In your neighborhood!

Happy New Year,
Greg Stapells

Help Make Your Holidays a Little Less Stressful...December 20, 2013
As we get closer to the holidays and are busy finishing up our shopping and last minute preparations, its a good time to let someone else solve any outstanding technology issues.

We can help with:

  • choosing the right notebook, tablet, or desktop
  • speeding up a slow computer or tablet
  • improving wifi speed and strength
  • cleaning up and organizing cabling
  • replacing worn out keyboard and batteries
  • even reprogramming a remote control to work better

So drop by, send me an email, or give us a call. We're in your neighborhood and are always here to help.

A very Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Greg Stapells

Is your Older Technology Saving You Money or Costing You a Fortune?December 3, 2013
Modern PCs powered by fast, efficient Intel Core processors and Windows 7 or Windows 8 can help reduce your total cost of ownership.

The Clock Is Ticking
As of April 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. When security patches and system updates cease, you'll need to fill the vacuum with expensive custom software development and increasingly complex management and support efforts to address growing incompatibilities. You'll also increase your risk of falling prey to malware, failing audits, and losing critical certifications. Even productivity will suffer as your workers grow frustrated with slower performance, outdated technologies, and a lack of support for newer devices.

Challenges Bring Opportunities
When weighing the costs and benefits of upgrading, many decision makers focus on the initial capital expense. But as Figure 1 shows, after about three years, support and remediation costs rise significantly, increasing your total cost of ownership (TCO). Newer systems are more cost effective because they are easier to manage, operate more efficiently, and reduce remediation costs by keeping you safer. Windows 8 integrates Intel hardware security features into startup and run-time protections and provides new features to detect and block malware at startup, simplify two-factor authentication, and enable full-disk encryption.

Comprehensive Remote Management
Newer devices powered by Intel Core vPro processors offer comprehensive remote management with Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) and remote keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) capabilities. Administrators can remediate problems, push out updates, and even restart or access remote systems that are powered down or have disabled operating systems. This high degree of manageability and access can translate into lower support costs and higher levels of uptime and satisfaction for users.

Fast, Efficient Computing
Windows XP and similar-vintage PCs were state of the art in 2001, but by today's standard they lag in performance and efficiency. In comparison, devices powered by 3rd and 4th generation Intel Core processors and Windows 7 or Windows 8 offer fast, efficient operation, with higher productivity and usability. With Windows 8, users have a consistent user experience with touch-enabled computing across PCs, Ultrabook devices, and tablet devices. Enhanced usability translates into lower training and support costs while meeting the high expectations of users looking for a fast, reliable, and flexible experience.

State of the Art Performance, Lower TCO
Don't get caught without a game plan when support expires for Windows XP. Learn more about the cost, security, and performance benefits of Windows 7 and Windows 8 on devices powered by current generation Intel Core processors.

Greg Stapells

One new part can make a whole new systemNovember 27, 2013
Well, the cold weather sure set in fast, didn't it? It's getting dark by 5 so the days are shorter, but we have no shortage of things to do - installing snow tires, putting up holiday decorations, shopping for gifts, the list goes on!

One theme that's really common this year is we're all trying to save a little money where we can. We've noticed this in the number of clients keeping their old Macs and PCs going that much longer rather than just replacing them, and why not? You can save hundreds of dollars putting off that new computer purchase by simply upgrading your current computer.

At Signa we've been transforming older Macs and PCs with just one or two parts and a fresh install of software. In fact some of our new performance-boosting tweaks have resulted in better-than-new performance, guaranteed. How does that sound?

Greg Stapells

Life's busy, we can help with your technologyOctober 22, 2013
Signa is here for you, and for all of your technology needs.

When you're looking for a new PC, Mac, notebook or tablet, our staff will take the time to discuss your needs and options, then help you choose the device that's exactly right for you.

If you're satisfied with your current devices, but need repairs or a little bit of an upgrade to extend their life, we're here for that too. In fact, you'd probably be surprised at just what can be fixed, and it's a good way to save!

Also, we realize that with today's increasingly busy lifestyles, it's becoming more and more difficult to keep pace with technology. If there's anything that's giving you trouble (your computer/tablet/phone or even a universal remote) just drop in or give us a call. Our staff is composed of tech enthusiasts, and we're all here to help! We're more than happy to assist you with configuring and troubleshooting so that you can get the most out of your computers, tablets, and phones.

If you're too busy to stop by, don't worry - we offer an unparalleled level of service, and will come right to your home or office to assist you. We take our service promise seriously.

Please don't hesitate to send me any questions you may have.

Thank you,
Greg Stapells

OCTOBER 17: WINDOWS 8.1 HAS LANDEDOctober 17, 2013
Yes, WINDOWS 8.1 is here, an experience like you've never experienced before. It's FREE and easy to install and Signa is here to help every step of the way!

Check out Marc Saltzman's writeup on 8.1, including some interesting market share stats. Also included is Microsoft's deep dive PDF for even more information.

Whether you need a new computer, a service call or a tune-up to your PC or Mac, Signa can guide you through any decisions you need to make. We'll continue to provide you with the peace of mind you need to stay up and running, and the knowledge you need to make smart choices about you technology needs.

Call, email, or come on in and learn more about WINDOWS 8.1 and why it makes sense to shop locally.

Thank you,

Greg Stapells

Martha Stewart, Meet SignaOctober 2, 2013
I'm sure some of you may have read that Martha Stewart recently broke her iPad, and that she expected Apple to come to her door, pick it up, and replace/fix it.

Of course, Apple doesn't do that, but what many people don't know is that Signa does do that! Being a boutique store we can offer the extra level of service many of our clients require. We can pick up your computer, tablet, or phone, resolve the problem and deliver it right back to you.

We can also help recommend a custom Apple solution: an iPad, iMac, Macbook or iPhone, and we'll even go one step further by making the purchase for you. We'll set-up your home or office, and if needed, guide you through the set up and ensure you can use everything afterwards... Now that's that Signa Service difference!

We're about the same price as the Apple store, and we provide the installation and training you need. Rest assured you won't have to wait in line either, and if you have any questions, we're always available.

Thanks as always, and remember: Signa is here to help you. We're better than the big box stores, let us prove it to you!

Thank you,
Greg Stapells

One Year Later - 10 Things we've learned about Windows 8September 27, 2013
Windows 8 was released Oct 26, 2012 and was met with the same skepticism as all new versions of Windows that incorporated big changes. We found exactly the same reaction with Windows 95. Many swore they'd never upgrade from Windows 3.1, and hated the new start menu. Today everyone wants the start menu put back! After hundreds of upgrades and new PCs (and Macs) we've installed Windows 8 on, here’s what we’ve discovered:

10.) The old adage, "new OS, new computer" sometimes holds true with Windows 8. While it works on most configs, some older machines work best with their older OS, like XP. If you'd really like to run 8, it's best to consider replacing the machine.

9.) Windows 8 supports UEFI, a really fast way to load windows. If you want the fastest load times possible, Windows 8 is the only way to go. It loads in about 3.5 seconds on some of our machines! (by comparison, Windows 7 takes 2 to 3 times longer to load)

8.) It's the most secure and trouble-free operating system yet. We haven't had a single Windows 8 machine come in with a malware problem. Most have been with XP or Vista with security turned off.

7.) The 8.1 Update has helped ease many people from Windows 7 to 8 by bringing back a start button and allowing you to boot directly to the desktop if you prefer.

6.) Windows 8 can be configured to look and act just like Windows 7. I've shown people my Windows 8 here at Signa and most don't even realize it's 8 when sitting at the desktop.

5.) Windows 8 comes with a free music service called "Xbox Music" that allows you to stream (play) any number of songs you can think of, for up to 9 hours per month, all for free! You can create your own playlists which save to the cloud and can be accessed on any computer you log into with your Hotmail/Live/Outlook email address with. It's a great feature that, many don't realize is there.

4.) We're not sure why some people don't like the new start menu tiles - we think they're great. Lots of fun seeing live updates of your favourite news sources, seeing your pics in a slide show, or just running programs... the brightly coloured live tiles make everything a little more enjoyable. One tap of the Windows key and you're back to the good old desktop if you prefer.

3.) The Microsoft Store has some great games, and many of the good ones are free. The Xbox Games play on your PC, your Xbox, and Surface tablet.

2.) We've found that Windows 8 runs every single program that runs under Windows 7. Whether the software developer says so or not, we've found them to work just fine.

1.) You don't need a touchscreen to enjoy Windows 8! While it works well with a touchscreen notebook etc, it works just fine with standard monitors on desktops and notebooks too!

So that's our top 10 on Windows 8, pared down from much larger list. What are your thoughts or questions it? Please don't hesitate to ask me your questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Greg Stapells

Like us, computers need to be tuned for performanceSeptember 13, 2013
Well, it looks like we made it through our second week of back to school! If you weren't dealing with kids you had the extra volume of traffic to contend with.

As things are settling back down and life is returning to normal, hopefully we'll have a little more time to enjoy the things we like doing. For some, that's playing a game or two on the computer. For others, it's spending time organizing and optimizing family photos. For most of us, it's catching up with emails, reading our favourite newspaper online, and spending time on our favourite websites.

Signa can assist in keeping your computers and technology fit and healthy and working their best. Whether its an upgrade, a cleaning, or even a general at-home or in-store service call, rest assured, your computer will leave us healthier than ever. Like us, computers need to be tuned for long-term performance so don't hesitate - give us a call, send us an e-mail, or come on in! We're always here to help.

Call Now For Fast, Professional Service :

  • Custom PC and Mac Desktops, Notebooks, and Tablets
  • In-Home/Office Service same day
  • PC/MAC Repairs and Upgrades
  • Cracked LCD/Keyboard Notebook Repairs
  • Custom Cabling - Network / Phone / TV
  • Blackberry / iPhone / Android Experts
  • Cisco VoIP Business Telephone Installation.
  • Fee-based Help-desk (phone) support

Thank you,
Greg Stapells

Signa News

Transform your HDMI-ready TV or Monitor into fully functional computer with the Intel Computer Stick.June 12, 2015
Isn't technology just amazing sometimes? We're happy to announce that we have a bunch of these cutting-edge Intel Compute Sticks in stock... Just attach one to the HDMI port of any TV or monitor and you've instantly transformed it into a computer! For more details, feel free to call, e-email, chat, or even drop by for an in-store demo.

The Latest "Must-Have" card from nVidia has arrived!June 5, 2015
Exciting news for gamers and DCC folks, as nVidia's newest powerhouse is now available at Signa... With 2816 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 6 GB of memory, it's an absolute monster of a card that delivers the extreme performance you demand.

Hard drive price drop!April 11, 2015
The nice weather resulted in a slow but steady Saturday, with lots of time to drop our prices and put our hard drives on sale, check them out!

Hot new touchscreens now in!April 10, 2015
We've just received some hot new touch-screen notebooks. Check them out - they're currently featured on our front page!

Welcome Corgan!April 2, 2015
We'd like to welcome Corgan Rikkonen to Signa! He's in charge of customer follow up, and he's doing a great job keeping in touch and help ensure technology is running as smoothly as can be. Many people call back saying "Gordon called" and that's okay, as Corgan (a Finnish name) is a unique name in Canada. :)

nVidia Maxwell - twice the performance!February 23, 2015
"NVIDIA Maxwell is the world’s most advanced GPU architecture. Inspired by light, it’s designed to be the engine of next-generation gaming.

A marvel of engineering, Maxwell-powered GPUs deliver incredible power efficiency and up to 2x the performance of previous-generation cards. This means you get amazing speed, stunning visuals and rock-solid reliability. It’s the perfect upgrade for all gamers looking for a next-generation gaming experience that only Maxwell provides."

Get your own piece of Maxwell tech today with the Zotac nVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 (folow link.)

February System FlyerFebruary 2, 2015
Our February System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

Drinks, Treats, Live Jazz! See you this Sat 1-4pm!December 4, 2014
Wow, it's hard to beleive that the days are flying by so fast! The big day is almost here! We're so excited, and we hope to see you all at the Signa Christmas Party - everyone is welcome! You're invited to join us this Saturday, December 6th at 3457 Yonge Street from 1pm to 4pm for live music, treats, holiday cheer, and a 50/50 draw to be won by one lucky party-goer (with proceeds going to the Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation, a registered Canadian charity.)

We're serving up cookies, irresistible peanut-fudge squares, wine, and live music provided by Paul MacLeod the pianist from Deacons of Jazz. So come join us for cookies, sweets, home-baked treats and some Jazzy beats!

See you there,
Greg Stapells

It's a Party, and You're Invited!November 26, 2014
The holidays are rapidly approaching, and so is the date for Signa's annual Christmas party. You're invited to join us on December 6th from 1pm to 4pm for live music, treats, holiday cheer, and a 50/50 draw to be won by one lucky party-goer (with proceeds going to the Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation, a registered Canadian charity.)

We're serving up cookies, irresistible peanut-fudge squares (let us know in advance if you have a peanut allergy, we can tweak the recipe), wine, and live music provided by Paul MacLeod the pianist from Deacons of Jazz. So come join us for cookies, sweets, home-baked treats and Jazzy beats!

See you there,
Greg Stapells

Welcome to the Signa Family Corgan!November 10, 2014
Signa is happy to welcome a new employee, Corgan Rikkonen to the Team. He's helping us full time with all-important customer service follow up calls, starting off full time then moving to part time throughout his college program.

An Exceptional Desktop PC!November 8, 2014
We just sold one of these amazing custom built PCs. Come and get yours today!

Tiny Package, Big Potential!October 25, 2014
Hey check out our new media PC, it's ridiculously small, about the size of an Apple but does a ton more!

-it can mount to the back of an LCD monitor
-or can sit on a shelf and plug into a flatscreen TV
-takes Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or (next year) Windows 10!

Get One Hour of Free In-Store Service On Saturdays This August!August 1, 2014
For the month of August, we're offering a FREE hour (60 minutes) of in-shop labour valued at $65 plus tax.

Promotion starts this Saturday August 2nd, and continues through every Saturday this month. For even more discounts, refer your friends, family and employer, and earn another $25 off. See our referral page for details.

So come on in this Saturday or any Saturday in August - bring your Mac or PC and save some money!

Best Regards,
Greg Stapells

Recordbreaking JuneJuly 6, 2014
With all the was going on last month, we were pleasantly surprised that June 2014 was another stronger-than-ever month for us. Lots of desktops and notebooks, and we completed re-wired an entire office. Great month, thanks everyone!

New "Open-box" section goes live today!July 5, 2014
For your convenience, we've added a new “Open-Box” section to our main menu for better visibility of used, demo, open-box and other specially discounted items. Be sure to check often and take advantage of these great deals - quantities are always limited, and they don't last long!

Just Arrived - Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple chargers!July 5, 2014
We're selling more and more phone accessories, and just got a new shipment of Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple chargers.

June System FlyerJune 18, 2014
Our June System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

Signa's Top-Selling Desktops for 2014June 12, 2014
Our top selling PCs this year are gaming and CAD PCs, with media PCs seeing a notable rise in popularity. Check out the link below for our hottest desktops!

New Feature Tiles...June 1, 2014
Our new feature tiles (those big colourful pics that continually cycle on our main page) were just added -- we hope you like them! Let us know what you think of them by sending us feedback at sales@signa.com or through our feedback form here.

Signa Services - We're here for you!May 28, 2014
Just a reminder of the services that we provide:

  • Help choosing the right desktop, notebook, tablet, or server (PC and Mac)
  • PC/MAC Repairs & Upgrades
  • Cracked LCD/Keyboard Notebook Repairs
  • Liquid Damage Restoration for Phones and Notebooks
  • Custom Cabling - Network / Phone / TV
  • Windows 7 and 8 / Mac Specialists
  • Software Services for PC Law, QuickBooks etc.
  • Data Recovery for Failed Hard Drives
  • Blackberry / iPhone / Android Experts
  • Help Desk Support for Companies Without Sufficient I.T. Staff
  • In-Home/Office Service same day

NEW - Live Chat with Signa!May 14, 2014
In an effort to continually improve the service we offer, and to provide you with tools we think you'll benefit from, we've installed a new premium chat service on our website.

Visit signa.com, and look for the purple balloon on the lower right side of your browser. It works on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and phones. Go ahead and give it a try. Ask a question, book a service call, or just say hi, we’d love to hear from you. Now that's service!

April System FlyerApril 18, 2014
Our April System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

Feburary System FlyerFebruary 4, 2014
Our Feburary System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

Happy New Year! :)December 31, 2013
It's New Year's Eve, and we would like to thank all of our 2013 customers for such a good year. We look forward to seeing all of you again in the year of 2014.

Happy Holidays Everyone! :)December 24, 2013
Signa will be closed tomorrow for Christmas, make sure to keep warm and have a great holiday!

Great news! The new Intel Next Unit of Computing arrived.December 21, 2013
We are one of a few stores in Toronto who currently have this new edition in stock! Starting @ a mere $429 you can have a full powered Desktop computer that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and powerful enough to play games or run a media center - plus you can add on more ram, a bigger Solid State hard drive, and a Wi-Fi card!

Signa's 2013 Holiday Party is coming!December 14, 2013
Come join us for our 2013 Holiday Party, Saturday December 14th at 1-4pm. We've got a sweet table full of amazing treats, coco, wine, and other holiday cheer, so please be sure to stop by!

December System FlyerDecember 3, 2013
Our December System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

September System FlyerSeptember 20, 2013
Our September System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

July System FlyerJuly 23, 2013
Our July System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

June System FlyerJune 13, 2013
Our June System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop and notebook configurations!

May System Flyer - the sequel!May 11, 2013
We just got a bunch of fantastic new laptops in, and have updated a few of our systems to give you even more bang for your buck... so we couldn't wait to share the news! Our new May System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop system configurations!

Great news! Ontario Government LOWERS recycling fees for many popular items - yippee!May 2, 2013
It isn't very often that you hear good news when the words "recycling" and "fee" pop up, but we're happy to report that today is an exception!

The Ontario government has now lowered many recycling fees which were implemented to promote responsible management of Waste Electrical and Electronic (also known as WEE.) As a result, many popular electronic items now cost less!

Click the link to check out the new recycling fees.

May System FlyerApril 30, 2013
Our May System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new desktop system configurations!

By Popular Demand : we now carry Fractal Design cases, power supplies, and fans!April 24, 2013
You asked for them, you've ordered them, we get it: you like Fractal Design cases! We're now a Fractal Design Reseller, and have started off big with a dozen PCs for U of T Physics, all built using Fractal Design cases. The university liked the quality, expandability, and clean looks of Core 3000 w/USB top ports.

Find out what all the fuss is about... check out our lineup of Fractal Design products (see link below)

Hot new gaming mouse just in!April 24, 2013
The Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse has arrived! With this mouse in the palm of your hand, achieving victory while gaming is easy!
Features :
  • Customizable ergonomics to fit all hand sizes and grip-styles
  • 8200dpi 4G Dual Sensor System
  • Gaming-grade wireless technology with dock
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • 11 programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time
  • Up to 200 inches per second / 50g acceleration
  • Approximate Size: 122 mm to 137 mm / 4.80" to 5.39" (Length) x 71 mm / 2.80" (width) x 42 mm / 1.65" (height)
  • Approximate Weight: 115 g / 0.25 lbs. (without battery) to 135 g / 0.29 lbs. (with battery)
  • Battery life: (Approx) 12 hrs (continuous gaming)

March System FlyerMarch 5, 2013
Our March System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new system configurations!

Feburary System FlyerJanuary 30, 2013
Our latest System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new system configurations!

November System FlyerNovember 2, 2012
Our latest System flyer is now available on-line in downloadable PDF and JPEG format. Be sure to take a look and check out our latest deals and hot new system configurations!

Buy a Windows 7 PC and get Windows 8 Pro for $14.99October 2, 2012
The offer is for customers (e.g. Home users, students, and enthusiasts) who purchase a qualified PC. A qualified PC is a new PC purchased during the promotional period with a valid Windows 7 OEM Certificate of Authenticity and product key for, and preinstalled with:

  • Windows 7 Home Basic;
  • Windows 7 Home Premium;
  • Windows 7 Professional; or
  • Windows 7 Ultimate.

The promotional price is limited to one upgrade offer per qualified PC purchased, and a maximum limit of five upgrade offers per customer.

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