SIGNA RSS Feed SIGNA Computer Systems : Your Neighbourhood Computer Specialists Thu, 11 Dec 2014 19:0:0 GMT en-us Spend a little more on a printer, save a fortune on ink! Thu, 11 Dec 2014 19:0:0 GMT Holy snowstorms, can you believe all that* It's funny... we get the same thing every year, but it's always such a shock the first time - you'd think we'd never seen snow before! Kidding aside, I hope you got through it okay. So back to my subject, why would I actively try and decrease our InkJet sales* Well, three reasons: - Buying ink cartridges each month is expensive and a little annoying - We don't really like inkjet-based printers and don't use them ourselves - The business is appreciated, but the eco waste is a bigger problem Back in 1989, I disliked inkjet-based printers so much I had an $1800 laser printer in my apartment. People thought I was crazy spending that kind of money on a printer, but it served me well, getting over 10 years use from that trusty old HP Laserjet IIP. I bought a $50 black toner (dry ink) every two years and never looked back. I've bought lasers for work and home ever since, and have been extremely happy with their low-cost consumables and next to zero maintenance costs. So if you're like me and are tired of the high cost of replacement ink, please contact us. We'll recommend a nice, affordable laser printer for your application, that'll be cheap to run, providing consistent quality all the way. Thanks, Greg Stapells Drinks, Treats, Live Jazz! See you this Sat 1-4pm! Wed, 3 Dec 2014 19:0:0 GMT Wow, it's hard to beleive that the days are flying by so fast! The big day is almost here! We're so excited, and we hope to see you all at the Signa Christmas Party - everyone is welcome! You're invited to join us this Saturday, December 6th at 3457 Yonge Street from 1pm to 4pm for live music, treats, holiday cheer, and a 50/50 draw to be won by one lucky party-goer (with proceeds going to the Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation, a registered Canadian charity.) We're serving up cookies, irresistible peanut-fudge squares, wine, and live music provided by Paul MacLeod the pianist from Deacons of Jazz. So come join us for cookies, sweets, home-baked treats and some Jazzy beats! See you there, Greg Stapells It's a Party, and You're Invited! Tue, 25 Nov 2014 19:0:0 GMT The holidays are rapidly approaching, and so is the date for Signa's annual Christmas party. You're invited to join us on December 6th from 1pm to 4pm for live music, treats, holiday cheer, and a 50/50 draw to be won by one lucky party-goer (with proceeds going to the Sanfilippo Children's Research Foundation, a registered Canadian charity.) We're serving up cookies, irresistible peanut-fudge squares (let us know in advance if you have a peanut allergy, we can tweak the recipe), wine, and live music provided by Paul MacLeod the pianist from Deacons of Jazz. So come join us for cookies, sweets, home-baked treats and Jazzy beats! See you there, Greg Stapells Welcome to the Signa Family Corgan! Sun, 9 Nov 2014 19:0:0 GMT Signa is happy to welcome a new employee, Corgan Rikkonen to the Team. He's helping us full time with all-important customer service follow up calls, starting off full time then moving to part time throughout his college program. An Exceptional Desktop PC! Fri, 7 Nov 2014 19:0:0 GMT We just sold one of these amazing custom built PCs. Come and get yours today! Yet Another Mac Attack... Tue, 4 Nov 2014 19:0:0 GMT It's another sign of Apple's success and growing marketshare: over the past few days we've been seeing another rash of malware targeting iOS. As Apple grows in popularity and consumers jump on-board the platform, unfortunately cyber-criminals looking to exploit those consumers do too. This most recent attack slithers onto systems, interferes with network access, inserts unwanted ads into normally ad-free pages, and is generally a pain (see actual screencaps from an infected machine to the right.) If your Mac has been acting strangely or having intermittent issues lately, it might be worthwhile checking for unwelcome guests inside. Cybercriminals aren't just out to interfere with the use of your computer - they're usually after your personal information (like account logins and passwords, credit card information, etc.) It pays to be proactive, or if you're already infected, at least rapidly reactive. Signa offers a full range of services for your Apple products - sales, service, repairs, upgrades and also malware removal. We're happy to examine any machine that may be misbehaving, and we'll get it fixed up for you and back to full health in very short order. Best Regards, Greg Stapells MAC Compatibility - MYTH or FACT* Tue, 28 Oct 2014 19:0:0 GMT So, is there a real benefit to you syncing your Apple products with a MAC* We say no. Here are some misconceptions: - iPhones and iPads sync better with MACs - Do you know that PCs sync as well if not better with iPhone and iPad* (esp MS Outlook) - MACs are easier to use - This is a good one. Unless you're a kid or have been using them all your life, I disagree. Many business software requires a PC, esp for accounting and engineering - Speed! Newer MACs with SSDs are pretty quick, as are new PCs. PCs edge the MACs out in bang for the buck so to speak. MACs can be as fast but generally cost 50-100% more than a similar PC - MACs don't break or get viruses - They don't get as many, that's for sure, but we're seeing increased numbers of MACs with malware, especially those annoying pop-ups. - MAC's are better looking machines - we agree, they DO look great! The PCs are catching up in the looks department but would still give the edge to MACs - I just want a MAC - Okay, we understand, and we sell MACs! So, come compare and let us guide you as to the best computers based on your needs. We'll help you with all of your compatibility needs and ensure all of your devices are ready to use with no issues. At Signa, we too are collaborators, and always here to assist in connecting you to the right decisions! Call or click, Peace of Mind at your service! Best Regards, Greg Stapells Tiny Package, Big Potential!,Home,Micro,Home,Micro Fri, 24 Oct 2014 19:0:0 GMT Hey check out our new media PC, it's ridiculously small, about the size of an Apple but does a ton more! -it can mount to the back of an LCD monitor -or can sit on a shelf and plug into a flatscreen TV -takes Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or (next year) Windows 10! Men and Women are Hardwired Differently, Computers Aren't Much Different! Tue, 21 Oct 2014 19:0:0 GMT So, you may ask, WHY* Why hardwire your system* Well, like the experts tell us, sustainability, reliability and most of all.....PERFORMANCE! Why is the trend moving away from wireless networks for your home office you ask* If you want supreme performance without any hiccups, interruptions or lagging, well, think about hardwiring your network. It's proven to be a much better long-term strategy, and will guarantee that you have less issues and more productivity over the course of time. In fact we're installing more hard-wired systems than ever before as small business owners are realizing the huge benefits - and what's really important is the reduction of radio emissions! The experts say ''Wireless networks may be convenient, but wired networks beat Wi-Fi in every other way. Wired networks are faster, they're always reliable, and they're secure. Unless you're sitting on the couch with a laptop, or connecting a Wi-Fi-only device, wired ethernet is the better way to go. Cables run inside or through walls to get you solid internet where you need it, also increasing the value of your home.'' As always, we're here to help, and offer you the best internet performance solutions for your home or office. Call us or pop in. We like ''staying connected'' to our customers, and when it comes to hardwiring ideas to suit your needs, we can fit into any budget. We offer great in-store or at-home service, the peace- of-mind is free. When performance matters, Signa is your source for all your computer needs. For a bit of fun, I've included a YouTube video you may enjoy watching: A Tale of Two Brains Best Regards, Greg Stapells ''Mainstream'' just isn't for everyone... Mon, 13 Oct 2014 19:0:0 GMT Are you someone who only does very basic things with your computer, like checking e-mail, surfing the web, and visiting Facebook* Are you looking looking to cut costs for a slightly cheaper PC* Well, one way to do that is to skip Microsoft Windows and try an alternative operating system (OS) like Linux! - The Linux operating system is entirely free - and when the next version comes along, the upgrade is also yours for free at the click of a button. - Many applications (for just about anything you can think of) are also available for free, and can be downloaded and installed with just a couple of mouse-clicks. Better yet, all of them receive automatic updates just like the OS does. - Many popular web-browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are available for Linux (and those that aren't - like Safari - can be run under WINE.) - Microsoft-Office-Compatible office suites such as OpenOffice and Libre Office are yours for free at the click of a mouse, so you can do word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases at no cost! - Linux is highly customizable. Don't like the way something works* Change it! You can even choose which desktop environment you use (pick from KDE Plasma, Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, etc, or install several and choose which one you want to use at the spur of the moment on your login-screen.) - No need to give up gaming either... Did you know Steam is now available for Linux* There are already tons of games available for the OS, and more are added almost daily. - Enjoy ''Security through obscurity''... worried about Windows Malware and viruses that are targeting the majority of computer users* They don't work on Linux! So, if you're looking to save a few bucks, or just want to try something new, why not give Linux a try* Drop in and have a chat with us about it, as there are lots of options to choose from. You can even have Linux and Windows side-by-side on the same machine (called ''dual-boot'') so you can choose which OS to use when you power-up your computer. Take a step outside the Windows ecosystem, and discover what's possible today! Best Regards, Greg Stapells Your first look at Windows 10...! Mon, 6 Oct 2014 19:0:0 GMT Those of you who can't wait to get your hands on the latest and greatest tech will be happy to hear that the Windows 10 technology preview is on the way! Whoa, wha...* We just had Windows 8.0 - what happened to Windows 9.0* Apparently, the ''9.0'' version number is being skipped to prevent older, non-conforming applications from confusing it with Windows 95. So, 10.0 it is! And what an interesting update it's shaping up to be! Proving that functionality and usability is paramount, Microsoft is leaving no stone un-turned - apparently, even the Windows Command Line is getting a bunch of new features, including the ability to paste to it via CTRL+V, plus a half-dozen other little appearance and input tweaks that you can customize! Also new will be a dedicated Notification Centre where all of your apps will push notices and alerts to, and which you can control (ie. centralized and consistent, as opposed to the current situation where every application has its own custom notification method.) Speaking of control, you will now also be able to easily pin the Recycle Bin to the Start Menu and Taskbar - just right-click, and choose the option, bam - there it is! Explorer also has a new ''Home'' location that keeps all of your most-used folder locations, and the ''Run'' menu has been updated so that you can quickly pull up a list of recently-used files by typing the word ''recent''. Those of you who use multiple virtual desktops will be happy to hear that you now have shortcut keys available - Win+Tab to create/switch desktops, and CTRL+Win+Left or CTRL+Win+Right to move between desktops. And, finally, File History is now available in a tab when you bring up the properties on a file. So, quite a bunch of changes lining up already, and all of them quite useful! Can't wait to give them a try* The Windows Technical Preview ISOs are available from Microsoft here: Have fun!. Have fun! Best Regards, Greg Stapells Thanks for Sharing...! Tue, 30 Sep 2014 19:0:0 GMT It's been another amazing month at Signa, and on behalf of the entire staff I would like to thank our customers for making our jobs fun and enjoyable. Although everyone who works at Signa obviously enjoys computers and technology, we're also very much ''people persons''. We love to chat, and hear stories about the cool and creative things you guys are doing with your machines. A computer on its own doesn't do very much at all, but when you add the person (and their creativity) to the mix -- that's when the truly astounding stuff happens. So, here's a quick little thank you to all of our customers for taking the time to ''talk shop'' with us. It really makes our day! :) Best Regards, Greg Stapells