SIGNA RSS Feed SIGNA Computer Systems : Your Neighbourhood Computer Specialists Mon, 8 Sep 2014 19:0:0 GMT en-us Hacked! Even the cloud is vulnerable! Mon, 8 Sep 2014 19:0:0 GMT I guess you've already heard of the celebrity hacking by now. Yes, famous celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked releasing hundreds of private photos and videos to the public. When asked why, why they allowed confidential pictures to be uploaded to the cloud, the answer was almost unanimous: they thought it was safe, and didn't give it much thought. Tap the button Backup to iCloud and it's pretty much done. Do you know another way to describe cloud storage* Backing up to someone else's hard drive. By now many people have turned off cloud backup and wonder how they will manage data backup. The answer is almost as easy as iCloud: plug into iTunes and backup to a PC or mac. It's not as convenient, but at least your data remains on your hard drive and not someone else's. These tips and other useful hints to keep your computers and information safe is what Signa is all about. Call us or come on in and we'll prove that our promise is delivering peace of mind. Hope to see you soon. Kind Regards, Greg Stapells Make Back-to-School Less Taxing + Postcard in mailbox Mon, 11 Aug 2014 19:0:0 GMT We're nearly at the middle of August, and it's time to be thinking about getting the kids ready to go back-to-school. We know how taxing that can be sometimes, so we've decided to take the ''tax'' out of the equation with this week's newsletter-exclusive special offer! Using the coupons below, you can get an open-box 32GB 4th-gen iPad or a factory-sealed Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Notebook -- and we'll cover the HST! Hurry in, as quantities are limited... no rainchecks. Looking to save even more* Keep an eye on your mail box, as our summer postcard should be arriving shortly via Canada Post, complete with a coupon that will save you even more! It's been such a great summer for us, and we've decided to share the love. Kind Regards, Greg Stapells Get Ready for an Amazing PC or Mac experience!!Products.asp?gID=14000!Products.asp?gID=14000 Tue, 5 Aug 2014 19:0:0 GMT With today's busy lifestyle and so many things on the go, we're often looking for ways to be more efficient with our time. Using a computer can help get more done in less time, as long as we're not waiting for the computer to catch up to us. One of the best ways to improve how your PC or Mac desktop/notebook runs is to install an SSD or Solid State Drive. This replaces the older, slower mechanical HDD or Hard Disk drive. Your old hard-drive is like a K-car... It's fairly reliable, but it's not the fastest, and it certainly isn't the quietest or most fuel-efficient either. An HDD is old tech, with spinning platters and moving arms that are slow, noisy, vulnerable to impact/jarring, and which eat-up precious battery power. In comparison, a solid state drive is like a new Maserati: blindingly fast, quiet, and super fuel efficient. An SSD uses ultra-fast memory for storage (like what's in your digital camera or iPad) so you'll realize up to 5X faster loading, rebooting, and start-ups. Also, there are no moving parts, so your battery will last much longer, the drive operates in complete silence, and there's no risk of physically damaging the drive and losing your data if you bump your desktop or notebook. Did we mention that it's so much faster you won't believe it's the same computer* There just isn't any comparison between HDDs and SSDs... one is slow old tech, and the other delivers cutting-edge performance. To enjoy all these great benefits of an SSD, call or drop by and we'd be happy to help. We'll even help transfer the contents of your old drive to the new one, so (aside from the phenomenal speed boost, silent operation, and improved battery life) you'll never even know that anything changed. P.S. The latest generation SSDs are twice as fast as the originals, so upgrading to a newer, larger (possibly less expensive) SSD could net you a nice boost in performance, while giving you the storage you need. Best Regards, Greg Stapells Get One Hour of Free In-Store Service On Saturdays This August! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 19:0:0 GMT For the month of August, we're offering a FREE hour (60 minutes) of in-shop labour valued at $65 plus tax. Promotion starts this Saturday August 2nd, and continues through every Saturday this month. For even more discounts, refer your friends, family and employer, and earn another $25 off. See our referral page for details. So come on in this Saturday or any Saturday in August - bring your Mac or PC and save some money! Best Regards, Greg Stapells Recordbreaking June Sat, 5 Jul 2014 19:0:0 GMT With all the was going on last month, we were pleasantly surprised that June 2014 was another stronger-than-ever month for us. Lots of desktops and notebooks, and we completed re-wired an entire office. Great month, thanks everyone! New ''Open-box'' section goes live today! Fri, 4 Jul 2014 19:0:0 GMT For your convenience, we've added a new 'Open-Box' section to our main menu for better visibility of used, demo, open-box and other specially discounted items. Be sure to check often and take advantage of these great deals - quantities are always limited, and they don't last long! Just Arrived - Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple chargers!!Products.asp?gID=57000!Products.asp?gID=57000 Fri, 4 Jul 2014 19:0:0 GMT We're selling more and more phone accessories, and just got a new shipment of Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple chargers.