HP Elitebook Folio G1 12.5″ iPad-thin Ultrabook Laptop – Signa Custom PCs Toronto


This iPad-thin and featherweight laptop is only 2.1 pounds so it travels well. It has plenty of storage with its 256gb SSD flash drive, and 8gb of ram is more than enough for an all-purpose travel notebook like this. 

It’s all-day battery means you often won’t even need to carry a charger with you. 

If you’ve ever seen the new MacBook 12″ then you’ll swear this is the PC identical twin. It has 2x USB-C high speed ports which charge and provide connectivity to just about anything. Included are a USB-C to VGA and a USB-C to Ethernet (network) dongles. 

Please email sales@signa.com if you have any questions or would like to place an order. 

Happy Customer with his new Signa Custom VR Oculus Rift Cube Gaming PC!

Oculus Rift

A big thanks to Curtis for his order of this powerful little cube PC which easily exceeds the

minimum specs for his new Oculus Rift. The goal was to build a low-key, minimum flash

PC into as small an enclosure as possible, while still accommodating a powerful,

large, video card. He also wanted Wifi, and lots of USB ports for the Rift and other items.

This machine is also well suited to just about any gaming or CAD application you can think

of. Please send any requests to sales@signa.com, thank you very much! Greg S.


Oculus Rift


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