Our Year to Date PC Sales are up 33%!

We’re really happy to announce our PC sales are up a whooping 33% over the same time last year, which was also strong for us. This includes custom PCs, laptops, and our brand-name Lenovo desktops. It’s funny but depending on who you talk to, you’d think no one uses regular PCs or MACs, that it’s all gone to the iPad and phones, but you know, the content you view on those (we call it “media consumption”) was created on a regular Mac or a PC (called “media creation”). This market has kept us really busy, while helping people set up phones and iPads fills in the rest of our time – we couldn’t be happier!

Signa Quad Gamer Ultimate X in the making!

We’re about to build our first Signa Quad Gamer Ultimate X!
This beautiful beast is going to be running the latest GTX 1080Ti and Intel Core i7-7700K.
It’s definitely a great machine if you’re looking to play high-end games like the new Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,
the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game and of course everyone’s favorite Witcher 3!

Stranded in front of Signa, how can we help?!

Steve and his wife were driving by the store, stopped in traffic, their jeep auto engine shut off wouldn’t re-start, so I went out and offered up some help.
I thought if we got it into neutral, we’d be able to push it to safety closer to the curb, or to Loblaw’s and await a tow truck. It seems the auto shift lever wouldn’t budge.
I asked a good friend of mine who is a mb mechanic, then I googled it and found the answer.
With the pop of a trim panel, flick of a switch and pull of a lever, it was into neutral!
We pushed it to Loblaw’s and out of harms way. It was a great morning workout pushing this 5000 pound truck,
and as always, we’re happy to help!

*NEW* Signa Value Gamer Configuration

Check out our new and improved Signa Value Gamer build!

We decided to change the CPU options and also upgrade the size of our already fast Solid State Drive!
We also wanted to give our customers a lot more choices when it comes to how they want their build to look like, so instead of a default Case (which already looks really awesome) we decided to add 2 other case options that are a bit more highend!

Heres the TLDR; (Too Long Didn’t Read)

  • New CPU options: i5-7600 Up to 4.1GHz & i5-7700 Up to 4.2GHz
  • *NEW* 3 Case options
  • * NEW* Solid State Drive (240GB)

Link to New Configuration:


Yes, we have a Dongle for that!

A dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to another device to provide it with additional functionality. If you’ve purchased a brand new, top end, state of the art computer in the last 3 months (Macbook, new HPs etc) chances are it might have tiny, universal USB-C ports, that require an adapter, or dongle, to accept the accessories you already own.

We carry a nice selection of the following USB-C to regular port convertors:


USB-C memory sticks

USB-C to Ethernet

USB-C card readers


Even USB-C chargers

Just call or email us to ensure stock, otherwise we’ll order it in for you.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

HP Elitebook Folio 9470M 14″ I5-3317U Notebook – Up to 2.6GHz 4GB 128GB SSD WIN 10 (Refurbished but Flawless)

• Intel Core i5-3317U Up to 2.6GHz Processor (Very Fast)
• 4GB Memory (Upgradeable to 16GB)
• 128GB Solid State Drive (upgradeable to 2TB SSD)
• 14″ Anti-Glare Display that’s very sharp!
• Battery life is 7 hours, 3 mins for video playback
• Win 10
• Lightweight at only 3.6 lbs
• 30 Day warranty, but again, flawless condition, you must see this unit!

This unit is refurbished but looks like new. It’s HP’s top of the line model, the Elitebook, which means a very strong and well-built unit that will last a long time.

Best part is it’s only $399!

HP Elitebook Folio 9470M 14″ I5-3317U Notebook – 1.7GHz 4GB 128GB SSD WIN 10