NEW Signa Office Solid State Drive Build!

A nice optimal machine that will answer all of your office needs but at speeds that are 100x faster!

We got the new 7th Gen CPU as options and they run between 3.9GHz – 4.2GHz depending on the CPU you choose.
We also use Memory that run at higher speeds.
The most notable about this new build is the Solid State Drive options. Not only are we using Solid State drives for your system but they are M.2s and we offer
two different sizes depending on your storage needs!

Come and get your Office PC right now and work more efficiently at faster speeds!


NEW Signa CAD/Workstation Build!

This new Signa CAD/Workstation build is ready to shred through any design and rendering needs!

Let me walk you through the notable specs of this beast and highlight why it’s an absolute must in the design world!


CPU: (Option) *NEW* Intel Core i7-7700K Up to 4.4GHz | Xeon E3-1245 Up to 3.9GHz Processor.

  • With the new i7-7700K implementation, you’ll have less wait time for video rendering and encoding.
  • The Xeon E3-1245 is also a beast itself but if you want to maximize rendering and encoding I highly recommend the i7-7700K!

Motherboard: Asus Z270M-Plus 7th Gen Processor Motherboard is a standard motherboard used for the new 7th Gen CPUs. It optimizes the CPU and Memory to make sure it runs as smooth as possible.

Memory: (Option) 16GB/32GB 3000GHz Memory

  • The Memory options are definitely important for heavy After Effects users. The memory speed itself will give you a boost when you’re trying to preview and edit in After Effects but I recommend going with the 32GB of Memory instead of the 16GB option. If your videos contain a lot of effects, I’m sure After Effects will max out your Memory if it hasn’t already. It’s better and safer to have more Memory to prevent crashing and losing all those hours of work!

Storage: (Option) 525GB/1TB M.2 Solid State Drive

  • Hands down I have to say that I would rather go with the 1TBSolid State Drive instead of the 525GB. Although both SSDs make you Read and Write files 100x faster and boot programs and startup in less than 30 seconds, I have to say as a user I have a 500GB SSD and I find myself running out of space! Programs, applications, videos and images keep growing in space the more our technology advances. I highly recommend the 1TB Solid State Drive for the long run.

Video Card: PNY Quadro K1200 4GB Video Card

  • It’s a great video card! Anything from Adobe Premiere to Solid Works, it’ll run every design program you can name as smooth as possible!

With all of that info you just read I know you’re dying to get yourself a monster Workstation!


The NEW Kaby Lake 7th Generation Intel Core Processor is here!

Everyone’s been talking and anticipating the release of intel’s newest processor… and the wait is over! The brand new Kaby Lake 7th Generation Processor has arrived and we’ve added it to all of our custom PC’s! What are you waiting for? It’s time to jump on it before everyone else and give yourself the advantage with a high definition, ultra responsive gaming or design experience.

The 7th Gen chip features a 4k, high definition picture that produces laser sharp clarity. You’ll be able to engage in the top games with 720/Medium settings at 30 frames per second. Stream 4k Ultra HD media from providers across the net and edit HD video up to 8x faster than previous chips with Ultra HD 360 video playpack.

Take your gaming and productivity to the next level and immerse yourself in the newest, cutting edge technology that’s crisper, sharper, 10x faster and more reliable than it’s previous versions.

Want more? How about some free stuff? Order a Custom Gaming Computer or Workstation with a new 7th Gen Kaby Lake Intel Core Processor today and not only will we give you free shipping, but we’ll also give you the choice between a free Cooler Master Mouse/Keyboard combo or a free Satechi Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote control. Learn more about these deals by clicking here.

What are you waiting for? To check out our Custom Gaming computers, click here or to browse our Custom Workstations, click here! Give yourself a custom gaming or design experience with the new 7th Generation Kaby Lake Intel technology with free shipping and a free gift today!

Need a Custom PC for Video Post Production, VR, VFX, and maybe some gaming?

Check out one of our most popular high end PCs, based on Intel’s fastest 2011 pin 6800 and 9600 series CPUs. Loaded with all the latest in connectivity, like USB 3.1 Type A and C, and supporting the fastest NVMe drives, this machine will get through your work as quickly as possible.

Signa Ultimate Gaming PC – Core i7-6800K/6900K -32/64/128GB Mem – 1TB SSD – 2TB HDD – nVidia GTX 1070/80 8GB Video card, Windows 10 Pro – Custom Gaming PC

Happy New Year! Claim your free gift from Signa!

Happy New Year! We’re celebrating 2017 by dropping the prices of our Desktops and Laptops and giving you free shipping for a limited time! On top of that, we’re throwing in a free gift of your choice. Why? Because we love you.

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Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo

Are you buying a gaming computer? You’re going to need a gaming keyboard and mouse with that. This year, we’re giving away a free Cooler Master Octane anti ghosting keyboard and high precision gaming mouse combo. These come with backlighting and each includes 7 different Colors with an adjustable breathing effect. This promotion includes free shipping and can only be used on desktop computers.

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Satechi Computer RGB LED Light Strip with Remote control

What are the purpose of lighting kits? To make real gamers drool. The Satache RGB lighting kit can transform your custom computer into a dramatic display of high performance gaming goodness. The hand held remote allows users to choose from 16 different vibrant LED colors. This promotion includes free shipping and can only be used on desktop computers.

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Lexar JumpDrive M20C 32GB USB 3.0 Type-C Flash Drive

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could transfer files between your phone, computer and tablet using a usb stick? Get a free Lexar JumpDrive M20C 32GB USB 3.0 Type-C Flash Drive with the purchase of any notebook. This promotion includes free shipping and can only be used with the purchase of a new laptop.

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Trend Micro 2017 Internet Security

provides advanced online protection for up to 3 PCs so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It’s designed to safeguard your privacy on social networks. This popular security suite includes antivirus, antispyware, web threat detection, data theft prevention plus much more. This promotion includes free shipping and can only be used on laptop computers.

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We’re noticing a surge in Microsoft Surface tablet sales…

I’m not sure if has anything to do with any disappointment in the new Macbook Pro? Personally I like the new Mac and its USB-C ports, and I agree with Apple and the march forward to embrace new technology. I’m sure more updates will further enhance the battery life. They’ve already increased it to 5 hours from 4 with only an OS update.

In the meantime, we’re setting the Surface Pro in good numbers, and I’m not complaining! 🙂

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Core i7 6650U – Up to 3.4GHz Tablet – Win 10 Pro 64-bit – 16 GB RAM – 512 GB SSD – 12.3″ touchscreen 2736 x 1824 – Iris Graphics – Wi-Fi – silver


One New Part Can Make a Whole New System!

One thing we love about PCs is how easily you can boost performance in one or more areas, while preserving your investment.

in the one in the picture, we swapped out the video card for an AMD Radeon 460 2GB, changed the case to update the, and swapped out the power supply for a more efficient model.

The end result was a new-looking PC (complete with the client’s old DVDs) with a much more powerful video subsystem.

Please contact us if you’d like help with an upgrade.

P.S. we can supply the parts or you can source them yourself – to us, it’s all the same!

Thanks for reading,