Get Ready! Its Coming And It’s Coming Strong – Curved Displays That’s Right :)

Just got this new HP Curved All In One In What A BEAST OF A MACHINE Core i7 – 16GB Of Ram & 2 Hard Drives (SSD AND HDD)

This is HP’s New 34″ Curved Display Envy All In One.

What makes this special is that on top of being a REALLY NICE PC – it is also A SCREEN that can be used for another PC down the road.

You can plug in your XBox or Playstation as well or even a Bell / Rogers Box for TV in the room.

Did you know? That the bird is the word :) No WE TAKE APPLE & ANDROID PAY!

Did you know that Signa Takes Tap And Pay From Both Apple & Android Pay, We Were One Of The First Retailers To Support Apple Pay And Now With The Launch Of Android Pay We Also Support It

Did You Know With Android Pay You Can Add Visa & Debit As Well As Partner Programs Such As Shoppers Optimum And Ciniplex Scene Cards – AMAZING.

We Are Very Excited!


It’s Time To The Power Of 9 – Intel’s New Core i9 Processors Coming – Call To Pre-Order

Intel’s New Core i9 Is Right Around The Corner And Will Be Hard To Get When Released, We cant wait this is very exiting and the first REAL new CPU since 2010 When The First Core i Series Came Out.


Two hot new configs on our site to pre-order, its going to be a short supply when they come in so get your order in!

Signa Cad / Design Workstation’s

Just sold a Signa Quad Gamer Plus!

Much thanks to our customer who just purchased this build!
It’s a great gaming machine that can run a few popular games out right now.

Some of these games include Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, Witcher 3 and a ton of other demanding steam games!

Here’s the link to PC he purchased if you’re interested!


Take a look at our new Cad/Workstation Pre-builds!

Build your own CAD machine starting at $2699.99!

Brand new mid 2017 Design Workstation config based on some of the best selling CAD/Design configs of the year.
We hope you’ll love it, otherwise get back to us and we’ll help you design the workstation of your dreams!

This machine is ready to tackle any design challenge you have.
From running just Photoshop to the whole entire Adobe Suite, you name it
this CAD Workstation can do it!

Here’s the link if you’re interested!

Our Year to Date PC Sales are up 33%!

We’re really happy to announce our PC sales are up a whooping 33% over the same time last year, which was also strong for us. This includes custom PCs, laptops, and our brand-name Lenovo desktops. It’s funny but depending on who you talk to, you’d think no one uses regular PCs or MACs, that it’s all gone to the iPad and phones, but you know, the content you view on those (we call it “media consumption”) was created on a regular Mac or a PC (called “media creation”). This market has kept us really busy, while helping people set up phones and iPads fills in the rest of our time – we couldn’t be happier!

Signa Quad Gamer Ultimate X in the making!

We’re about to build our first Signa Quad Gamer Ultimate X!
This beautiful beast is going to be running the latest GTX 1080Ti and Intel Core i7-7700K.
It’s definitely a great machine if you’re looking to play high-end games like the new Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,
the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game and of course everyone’s favorite Witcher 3!